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Posted date: 10/January/2009

Iron box face Santosh should add some flesh to his cheeks and eat well to look robust to fit in to this kind of role. He could have taken a little of the chubby cheek of his father and producer of ‘Kempa’ Anekal Balaraj to look pleasant to help the punching quality of his debut film. He has the cool looks and lanky personality. A formidable good debut for the hero in the waiting for a long time!

Who is this ‘Kempa’ – the disenchanted youth from Gopinaththam village where he is driven out by destiny when the Special Task Force enters to nab the forest fugitive Veerappan. He loses the fond sister and run amok after killing three STF. The news has spread even to the city. This is where he puts down inter state don Reddy and unknowingly gets the don position. He does not fall in love but the daughter of a prostitute Bindhu. The reason why he is not interested in falling in love is because he did not get anything in life he loved – mother, father and sister. Yet he likes God, sister (no more) and Bindhu. So what happens with underworld rivals avenging for taking revenge? You can go and watch this once.

Santosh should become fleshier. He is flashy in his action saga. Performed well but dialogue diction he has to improve. Tanushka is quite impressive and old horse Ruchita Prasad is still ‘Ruchiyagiddare’ in looks. Avinash is as usual.

Director Jagadish has learnt a few tricks. One among them is that he has stitched the story of this film in such a way he has made way for a sequel of ‘Kempa’.

Gurukiran has lent two good tunes. Halo Swalpa Phone maadi…song in the long shot it is difficult to find difference between Santosh and Tanushika.

Is cinematography bad or Narthaki theatre projection is bad? The audiences feel bad. Please check it out!

Producer – Anekal Balaraj

Story, screenplay, dialogues, direction – Jagadish

Music – Gurukiran

Cinematography -Shanker

Cast – Santosh, Tanushika, Pragna, Ruchita Prasad, Shakeela, Pratap Sing Rao, former DGP L Revannasiddaiah

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