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Posted date: 2/August/2008

The hype and hoopla for Tamil superstar Rajanikanth’s ‘Kuchelan’ has now come out in front of public. The screen god of Tamil cinema makes you cry and become very emotional in the last half an hour of the film. One would think for just half an hour why such film should be watched. The story line is nothing but the Mahabharat’s ‘Krishna Sudhama’ episode. Sudhama gives ‘broken rice’ to Krishna here in this film barber Balu gives ‘groundnut Mitayi’ to Ashokkumar the superstar.

The reason is simple like how a child is given tutelage director P.Vasu gives complete support in the two hours of the film. The beauty of friendship the lovely of good pals is explained in the peerless style. We might have seen many films on Indian screen about friendship. But this one is different. Thanks to Malayalam version ‘Katha Periyumbol’.

Rajanikanth as superstar too in the role of Ashok Kumar has less to cheer up his fans. But he mesmerize not only his fans but others in the last half an hour when he makes a speech on his friend Balu – Balakrishna the childhood friend who is missing in his life after 10th standard. He had not seen him from last 30 years and the hunger in him to see him blows like volcano is touching and tearful.

The maturity of style king Rajanikanth is seen in this film to the fullest extent. Rajanikanth is not there is every frame. Pasupathy, Vadivelu might occupy equal roles, Nayanthara curves in the rainy song may not be so impressive but it is Meena as wife of barber Balu shows to the world how to live with the existing earnings and be happy. Barber Balu played by Pasupathy (who played cop in Kannada film ‘Sai’) role is to the height of obedience.

Director P.Vasu has very well driven the film and looked after the needs of all type of audience. The art direction for this film is fabulous. The cinematography adds further lift to the cinema. The comedy is harsh sometimes. The lessons taught by this film are remarkable indeed. The songs are not that melodious. In one of the songs the clips of MGR, NTR, Dr.Rajakumar, Akkineni, Sivaji Ganeshan is well thought.

Eke out time and watch this film. Not for Rajanikanth but for the contents in this film.

Screenplay, direction – P.Vasu

Music – G.V.Prakash

Cinematograpy – Aravind Krishna

Cast – Rajanikanth, Nayanathara, Meena, Pasupathy, Vadivelu, Prabhu, Sivakumar and others.

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