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Posted date: 14/February/2009

In the days of globalization a tiny island ‘Kurunadu’ stuck up with religious sentiments facing no developments but of course the nature beauty given due prominence is effectively and efficiently handled by senior art director of Kannada cinema G.Murthy in his debut direction.

Maintaining the orthodox status in life Shankara Bhatta (HG Dattatreya) is knowledgeable enough and his concern for environment is tremendous. The impact of environment loss with the civilization of ‘Kurunadu’ is what he worries and he has the ulterior motives in it. ‘Kurunadu’ thus is in the firm grip of Shankara Bhatta. In such a scenario the daughter in law who comes to this house Suruchi (Lakshmi Hegde)a city bred educated girl is baffled with the ordeals faced by the island people. There is lack of a bridge for ‘Kurunadu’ to connect to the other places. When Thukra dies for lack of medical attention Suruchi takes up the interest of the island people against all odds. She even gives up her married life and settles with the tribal people in the island and that irks Shakara Bhatta immensely. How Suruchi gets a bridge that connects the people to the civilization is the end part of this cinema.

Lakshmi Hegde has missed the state award for her role because she has not dubbed for the film is enough to explain her acting talent. She looks extremely charming on the screen and has good ability to prosper in future. Dattanna as Shankara Bhatta has filled lot of energy to the role but it is not an unusual role for him.

PKH Das steals the show for capturing the nature beauty in the island and surroundings of ‘Kurunadu’(situated near Kundapura). Pravin Godkhindi uses flute in most of the cases to give background music and keeps up the tempo of the film.

This is a harmless cinema that focuses on the need of civilization today.

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Producer – KH Srinivas

Art, Story, Screenplay, Direction – G.Murthy

Cinematography – PKH Das

Music – Surmani Praveen Godkhindi

Cast – HG Dattatreya, Lakshmi Hegde, Karthik Kumar, Susheela Krishnamurthy, Kalavathi, Sundaramurthy and others.

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