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Posted date: 29/July/2011

The debutant Pawan Kumar has kicked up a practice. The right way of audio release for his film ‘Lifu Ishtene’ was seen on Thursday night at Renukamba Digital theatre.

Screening of songs Yarago Helona Namma Problem…..Ninna Gunagalli Chalisuvenu bari ninnanne Bayasuvenu… Junior Devas….Maayavi Maayavi….were screened. The lyrics written by Yogaraj Bhat, Jayanth Kaikini, music director Mano Murthy, playback singers Chetan Soska, Hemanth, Ananya Bhagath, new singer Renjith were present at the screening and they gave out their experience in singing the songs.

One of the songs has only tune in the audio CD. It is for the audience to hear the tune and write lyrics for it. Then the best ones will be selected by Jayanth Kaikini and Yogaraj Bhat and added. Is there one more audio CD release? Pawan Kumar did not answer this question.

It is Jayanth Kaikini who took time in and made a deliberate attempt to pinch the assistant directors who are not as good as Pawan Kumar who was looking like mad five years. The assistant directors today are used not in right perspective and they spend 20 years without earning good status was also the concern of Jayanth Kaikini. Known for making observations normally any lyricist would not dare to do so Jayanth Kaikini mentioned that he is writing lines that he cannot say to his wife. All such lines are told to Diganth and it is not going national waste. People are hearing to it is the consolation for Jayanth Kaikini.

It is like Seere and Shirt purchase Pawan Kalyan picked up the tunes from Mano Murthy was additional information Jayanth Kaikini threw out from his mind. The left out songs of Yogaraj Bhat is the ones seen here in this film ‘Life Ishtene’ is the inner meaning of it.
Director Soori felt happy for a good friend throwing something sensible on screen in ‘Lifu Ishtene’ and Yogaraj Bhat also one of the producers and lyricist said sorry for Chetan Soska because he was in sorrow mood when he sang the song as his father in ICU at the time of recording.

Diganth said it is because of Yogaraj Bhat support and giving a start to this project. Jnanamurthy described his ignorance by stating except three songs the entire film is done in steady camera. The recent Vinayaka Gelayara Balaga is the first Kannada film to shoot in steady camera is for his information.

Ramya Barna, Sindhu, Samyuktha, Cherry, Subramanya spoke on this occasion. Nearly 21 persons climbed the dais to hold the audio CD of Lifu Ishtene in their hand.

Music director Mano Murthy has introduced Ankitha Pai and Ranjith as new singers for this film.

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