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Here is a sumptuous food for the family. Sudeep as director and actor steals the show and he has steel nerves to hit the baddies. The unity and peace that could be achieved with affection and love is the main emphasis of this movie. One goes back to the Indian history – Kalinga War comes to the mind of this ‘Kichcha Sudee’ war against detractors to bring back peace and harmony between two warring factions.

‘Priti Inda Priti Padeyodu’ as messenger of ‘Peace’ this youngster Jai also gives sleepless nights to those who do not bend!

While father Adisesha (V Ravichandran) is for peace and for that he even forgoes his wife (Ramya Krishna) 27 years ago, his son returns to keep up his father wish. That is Jai (Sudeep), when things go out of control the hit back from Jai is very strong.

It is of course a popular commercial film, formula derived from ‘Mirchi’ Telugu film but for Kannada audience Kichcha Sudeep maintained freshness and kept up every scene to look colorful and cheerful minus the action portions.

This film ‘Maanikya’ you would say Sudeep is Maanikya at one time and then again you change your opinion to V Ravichandran who has given a composed performance.

This 163.54 minutes ‘Maanikya’ – Kya Nahin Hein to entertain the people. Exotic locations, lovely performance from artists and technicians able support and speed of the film never bore even for a minute.

Sudeep captivates every moment on screen. His action ability, tall handsome looks, naughty sometimes has delivered superbly. V Ravichandran as non violence follower takes the film to higher levels. No one wants violence in this world. Everyone wants to live peacefully this role of V Ravichandran recommends. In the last scene I also like ‘Red’ but not blood but ‘Rose’ to baddie Ravishanker is enough of a message from the film.

The third personality who remains in memory is Ravishanker. The stunning dialogues give him extra edge.

Among two heroines Ranya the local girl scores over the other heroine Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar. Two songs for Ranya – one of graphic work is superb to watch. Ranya has days of Ramya to come.

Sadhu Kokila, Ashok, Satyajith, Dharma, Rekha R Kumar, Chitra Shenoy, Padma Vasanthi and other seniors have given admirable support.

A good introduction song with directors of Kannada cinema with music director Arjun Janya, Jeeva Jeeva….song, Jeena Jeena and one more after interval are additional value of this film. Shekar Chandru never lets down at one particular scene in the film. He has been so careful and colorful in all scenes.

Go watch this ‘Maanikya’ for multiple good reasons. A film in top gear!

Title – Maanikya, Banner – MNK Movies, Kichcha Creations and Kolla Entertainment, Direction – Kichcha Sudeep, Music – Arjun Janya, Cinematography – Shekar Chandru, Cast – Kichcha Sudeep, V Ravichandran, Ramya Krishna, Ranya, Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar, Ashok, Ravishanker, Sadhu Kokila, Satyajith, Dharma, Sharan, Nagashekhar, Padma Vasanthi, Veena Sunder, Chitra Shenoy, Shobaraj, Rekha Rao, Sangeetha and others.


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