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Posted date: 23/October/2009

When perverted intelligence goes mad it becomes ‘Mad Love’. We have not heard of grave digging in the cinema to get back the ardent lover. It is not a long time the heroine went inside the grave so you can expect the same condition once she comes out. The hero Manu wants to get his immensely loved one the life. He screams, runs, makes ugly faces with the body of the heroine on his two hands – he is carrying her like how wood is carried in the villages on two hands stretched.

Suddenly audience would feel she had been buried in the ground it is OK supposing she was cremated in fire! Story is made like that yaar to suit the circumstances! Yet he is ‘Bhale Huchcha’! When protagonist Manu father the big zamindar decline for the marriage with Ramya (Raveena) and hell breaks out in the family of Ramya the only option the director Teja thinks is poison bottle for the heroine. Ramya dies and looking at the dead body of his fiancé Manu faints. When he gains consciousness he goes to graveyard and the just buried place he digs. Lifts the body and goes on and on and on…..finally he dies hugging her with none of the medical treatment working.

Ramu frighten the audience from his looks and unnecessary vibrations on the face. He is not a hero material and so is Raveena the heroine. Ashok Rao looking at the photo of heroine in a mobile phone says ‘Horrible’ that is so timely for the entire film.

In a very bad film with none of the artists doing good performance the music is a notable part of this film. Veteran Laxminarayana Goochi has given lovely tunes. At least three tunes are passable. They are with good lyrics.

Wasted effort! Grave digging and carrying the body of the heroine by protagonist is beyond imagination. It is so depressing and disgusting film!


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