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`MANASA SAROVARA`celebrates 250 episodes
Posted date: 01 Fri, Feb 2019 08:26:43 AM

Manasa Sarovara is a well received and critically acclaimed serial of Udaya TV.  This is the continued story of PuttannaKanagal`s famous movie by the same name. The serial has won millions of hearts due to its novelty in story naration and brilliant acting of Srinath, Ramakrishna and Padma Vasanthi.

Sunidhi, psychiatrist, is the eldest daughter of Vasanthi who is treating Dr.Anand. Knowing his heart wrenching story, Sunidhi begins to hate who are reason for his state, not knowing that the culprit is none other than his mother, Vasanthi. Vasanthi gets scared imagining the consequences, if she gets to know the truth and hence tries hard to cover the truth from her daughter.  

In parallel, Sunidhi loves Chintan, but faces many hurdles from her closer ones, Vicky who loves Sunidhi; Sunidhi`s sister, Sharadhi, who loves Chintan and Chintan’s mother who hates Sunidhi, all come together to break the bond between Sunidhi and Chintan. Crossing all the hurdles, now time has come for the love birds to get engaged.

Manasa Sarovara is now successfully stepping towards 250 episodes and celebrating the success through 25th wedding anniversary of Vasanthi-Santosh. On the same day they have arranged Sunidhi and Chintan`s engagement.

Sunidhi has invited Dr.Anand for her engagement and the curiosity is built what if he comes and meets Vasanthi when all are in celebration mood.

These special episodes are shot for 5 days in a famous resort, Garden Asia, near Bidadi in grand set. Every artist drew attention with their colorful costumes. The special guest is Vaishnavi, small screen star, who boosted the celebration with her dance performance. Ramakrishna-Padma Vasanthi were nostalgic while performing for the song ‘ChandaChanda..’ and shared their moments with PuttannaKanagal in `Manasa Sarovara` movie set.  

While Sunidhi-Chintan are emotionally overwhelmed to share the moment, Sharadhi-Vicky go furious and plan to stop the function. This side as Dr.Anand is getting ready for the function, Chintan is finding ways to stop him as he doesn’t want Sunidhi to know the harsh truth of Anand-Vasanthi’s past relationship. Will Dr.Anand reach the venue? If he reaches will his relationship with Vasanthi disclose? Will Sunidhi get engaged to Vicky? ‘Manasa Sarovara’ is bringing this curiosity amid celebration to the audience from 4th February at 9:30PM from Monday to Friday

The `MANASA SAROVARA` will be telecasted at 9:30pm in Udaya TV.

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