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Title – Mr Mommaga, Producer – Ragu Gowda and Ravi Gowda, Direction – Raghavan, Music – NR Raghunathan, Cinematography – Raasamathi, Cast – Rangayana Raghu, Ravi Gowda, Oviya, Avinash, Yathiraj,Kuri Pratap and others.

Sumukha Enterprises Raghu Gowda production ‘Mr Mommaga’in Raghavan direction is no doubt a treat to watch.

Director of original film ‘Manjapai’ has done a copy cat film and it is because of Rangayana Raghu marvelous acting reaches to the masses.

The dialogues of Malavalli Saikrishna, Nagendra Prasad, Malavalli Saikrishna lyrics, Raghunandan is music ad extra value to the film.

The combination of Rangayana Raghu and Ravi Gowda in this film is a family watch and you should know the pranks and humanity of this ‘Thaata’.

Ravi a software engineer is very fond of his grandfather. In his childhood he was given tutelage by grandfather. His intention is to live with his ‘Thaata’ in his city place. So ‘Thaata’ arrives to the city and he has to live in apartment. He is new to the environment. For the stay of ‘Thaata’, grandson misses the opportunity to go to foreign on office work. With the attitude of ‘Thaata’ he loses affection in the adjacent houses, his lover also keep him away. After all these developments he scolds his grandfather and that eventually leads to ‘Thaata’ leave the place.

When the point of realization comes, grandson that is ‘Mommaga’ knows the good work his grandfather had done. Whether the grandfather and grandson meet again or not is the crux of the film climax.

It is Rangayana Raghu variety of performances makes you to sit in the theatres and watch. Those who have not seen the ‘grandfather’ in life could watch this film to know the sympathy and care of a senior citizen. Those who creates quarrels and squabbles with grandfather would definitely stop at it.

In his debut film for debut production  Ravi has to learn a lot in acting. Oviya is OK. The beauty of this film is also songs.

The production values are very rich. Out and out it RR and R film!

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