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Posted date: 11/April/2009

Adhi Lokesh has attempted what Saikumar has done so far on Kannada screen – the upright cop role in a soft and steady way. It is a role that suits Adhi Lokesh immaculately but the only worry is his walking style and delivery of dialogues. The dialogues should be with lot of sound as the audience are used to Saikumar style when it is police officer role.

Transferred from Bangalore to Kolar Bharath Hazeem (Adhi Lokesh) is a night mare to the mafias and nefarious activity anti social elements. The sudden death of Priya (Priyanka) the politicians take advantage and create communal violence. The obvious section 144 – Nishedhagne is clamped.

A bit of human emotions in addition to action portion like blasts, fights, firing could have been doled out on the screen. Two warring factions’ boy and girl fall in love. Hesitantly the boy falls in love but after a few reels the politician in an attempt to capture the votes takes the life of Priya. That is beginning of end to the politician. The honest cop Bharat Hazeem digs in to the whole murder of Priya. But the crooked politician wants communal tension. The situation is controlled by Bharat Hazeem who exposes the home minister and his henchman who is contesting for the elections.

Adhi Lokesh in the role of a cop is good. His walking style should change. He can be an alternative to Saikumar. Priyanka looks so sweet on screen but she does not have much to do like Bharat Babu.

There is only one good song and dance. The patriotic song Vandhe Matharam….is convincing, cinematography is average.

Naayi agadhe, Kaage aguvudhe….olledhe is the dialogue from cop Bharat Hazeem in the end. Let us become human being first!

Padmanabha the debutant director has the material and box office mantra he should understand.


Banner – Bharat Babu Productions

Producers – Narayanaswamy,Suryakanth and Basavarajappa,

Story, screenplay, direction – Padmanabha

Music – Giridhar

Camera –Ramesh

Cast – Adhi Lokesh, Abdul Azeem, Bharat Babu, Priyanka, Suresh Mangalore, Padmaja Rao, Shanker Ashwath, Ninasam Ashwath and others

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