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Posted date: 1/November/2008

‘Psycho’ that kept up lot of curiosity of the audience for various factors is a usual localized Hitchcock style of narration. This is the first film that kept the star cast in tight secret. Only in the morning show of the film the title card showed the names of the artists. Even in publicity this director used the designs instead of artists’ faces. This is all for a huge success in the box office.

For the title of the film what the protagonist ‘Psycho’ does? Take a look at few developments on screen.

  • Psycho for his love Pavani is ready to do anything. He picks her throw away articles and puts it in his house.
  • Preethsakke Hrudaya Beku, I have read Jeevana in my life says Psycho to Pavana who is working in 4D channel as anchor.
  • The scooty that is available in one and half months with a particular color comes to Pavani the next moment.
  • The one who sits on this by mistake faces severe blows. His bomb is given burning wood, another is dashed to the concrete block, one more is pierced a knife in the hand.
  • Pavani father is hospitalized. He is given all the treatment and sent to home by paying the bill of Rs.25000.
  • Pavani wants to pay back to this psycho but he gives an address that is orphan home account number in the bank.
  • Pavani has forgotten her mother birthday but psycho has not forgotten. He makes Pavani to remember this and present a saree and sacred Kumkum to her mother early in the morning.
  • Psycho sees the letter of his mother in the old trunk but a portion of it is eaten by a cockroach. He sees the cockroach and dashes it with his head and kills it.
  • He leaves smoking for Pavani. He does so and so forth all for Pavani. He recites a poem Kshanakala theradida nannedheyindha nodu baa olage nannalle ninnannu….hoo bana hudukidhe kithu baa appiko kannu muchchuva munna…. This poem in fact reveals why did he become psycho and that sends shiver in Pavani.

A debutant director playing with tricks of the trade holds your breath. He does not give pleasant environs throughout for the ordinary brain. He shuffles, chuckles and buckles you on the seat. You should hold your breath for the quick movement of the camera.

Dhanush playing the psycho role is very absorbing. He has that silence to kill on screen. He has the power in his arms and eyes. Anitha making debut is charming in some of the frames. She looks aged when she comes in the close up.

This is a musical film with some speedy and high pitch songs. Raghu Dixit has to prove that he can give pure serene melodies too. Sabhakumar camera is splendid. He has a great future ahead.

Psycho does not test your patience but test your never strength.

Banner – 4D Creations

Producer – Gurudut

Direction, Story, screenplay – Devadutt

Music – Ragu Dixit

Cinematography – Sabha Kumar

Cast – Dhanush, Anitha

Padmaja Rao, RG Vijayasarathy and others.


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