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Posted date: 5/December/2009

This is a film from software to hardware. The life journey of the protagonist Yogish is like that. He has faced severe ordeals in life and when he is immensely in love with Divya he takes on anything efficiently like the epic Ravana. But like the end of ‘Ravana’ in the epic this character also ends after severe fight. It seems the flash back scene – the childhood portion of the protagonist is lifted as it is from the original Tamil film ‘Kadhal Kondein’.

‘Ravana’ run on three main characters and the screenplay is what makes it unimpressive. The length is too big and end matter is not earth shaking – the same old ‘Nammura Mandhara Hoove’ style – friendship, love division by female protagonist Divya. In this case both Vinod and Adhi are hell bent on getting Divya is the only difference.

Finally after coming out of the theatre you would say for this much of happening why so much of ruckus. Yogish Hunsur instead of making a lengthy film could have rethought on the subject and slashed the length.

Vinod is a disenchanted youth from childhood. He had seen so many developments in life which he is not supposed to see and punished brutally for antagonizing as a bonded child labor. He runs away with children of his age after taking a startling step. That is his flash back he explains to his intimate friend Divya on his lap in a remote place. The same Vinod grown up in Christian orphan house is an intelligent guy. He comes to city to do Engineering and he is outstanding in his brain but not in his behavior and attitudes. He is groomed by Divya and in the process he sees the love element. But Divya has no such feelings and he is just like friend to her. Vinod is depressed and he takes on a series of wrong steps to find Divya. In a rainy night Vinod bash up Santosh tremendously. When Divya enters the stage she is caught with Vinod and Adhi in her two hands. Vinod and Adhi are at the edge of a hill now. Divya says I cannot leave Vinod because he treated me like ‘Devathe’ and he is my best friend on any day. That is enough for Vinod to peacefully end his life.

This film has good variety to perform for Yogish. In his usual style of dialogue delivery, behaving like psychic, dancing in ‘Chindi’ style he thrills his fans. Sanchitha is good looking and good in physique which she has to cut down.
No big task for Srinivasamurthy and Dwarakish.

Abhiman Roy is the winner as his three songs are good. R Giri is splendid in his camera work. ‘Ravana’ Avathara Kaliyuga Yogiya Avathara!

Producers – Vinod K Mehtha, Mohan G Nayak, Screenplay, Direction – Yogish Hunsur, Music – Abhiman Roy, Camera – R Giri, Cast – Yogish, Sanchitha Padukone, Srinivasamurthy, Santosh and others

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