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Posted date: 11/April/2009

Reformation is found from the 12th century. That is social reformation of Sri Basaveswara. But in ‘Savari’ it is the reformation of an individual who is stinking rich and his papa is worth Rs.1000 crores. It is in a way taming the quality of the hero by the heroine.

What is Jeevana? Janara Jothe share maadi Badhukodhe Jeevana! This is what the hero Abhiram does not want. He wants only the love and when he gets it his friend on his birthday party spoils the mood of Janaki by instigating something that puts the mind of Janaki in danger.

Abhiram is not that he is cruel. He has grown up in such an atmosphere. He realizes that he is wrong in his attitude when Janaki desert him. How Abhiram from his Rs.15 lakh bike goes on hunting for Janaki is the rest of the story. It is basically the rich and poor disparity plus the usual tussle. On the way to trace Janaki Abhiram meets Cot King Gaali Seena (Srinagara Kitty) a thief and how he changes his life style is very well explained by the director adopting the flash back techniques.

Gali Seena Amma ticket and Appa packet he is the only star on earth and there is nothing in the sky. By such punchy dialogues and titillating moments Srinagar Kitty goes way ahead. But the one told to him in the liquor shop that ‘Yavdhe gadang angadi nodidhru Neeve Kanasthira’ was not wanted. He is like big 92.7 fm when he takes 90. He has ‘Bossu’ Abhiram and in the journey both find some daunting task.

‘Dukha bandre niddhe indhia elthivi… Dukhadinda alva Budha Huttiddu…and many such lines are interesting from Manju Mandavya.

The mixture naxal activity gives some chilling moment on the screen. But it is Raghu Mukerji who strikes from his cool and composes performance. At times he is furious and then also he has given his performance with aplomb. This ‘Paris Pranaya’ hero has a very strong future in Kannada. Kamalini Mukerji has the right role in her debut in Kannada. Srinagara Kitty has a very good role in his chatter box character always lying something and finally sacrificing. He is the one who rejoins the separated lovers.

Marali Mareyaagi….is well sung by Sadhana Sargam, Ale Ale….by Karthik and Reeta is also melodious. Camera work by Vel Raj is pretty good. He has a tough job because the most part of the shooting is in travel. For motion picture the motion is more!

This one you can easily watch!


Banner – Ushakiron Movies

Producer – Ramoji Rao

Direction – Jacob Varghese

Music – Manikanth Khadri

Cinematography – Vel Raj, Cast – Raghu Mukerji, Srinagara Kitty, Kamalini Mukerjee, Lokanath, CR Simha, Pavitra Lokesh, Suman Ranganath, Sadhu Kokila, Milind Gunanj and others.

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