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Posted date: 27/February/2010

Two Ten Commandments – 10 directors and 10 cameramen of Kannada shooting in 18 hours ‘Sugriva’ is a commendable film. Salute for the effort of Anaji Films. This is the film loaded with lot of excitement, sentiments, some comedy and it also holds mirror to the society – the diseases should not come to the poor people. ‘Hanaviddare Bala Villa’ the film focuses in a touching style.

All the ten directors well known in Kannada cinema have given very delectable show and every frame of the 10 cameraman is appreciable. The film does not lag. The does not lose interest. The film does not have any torture to the brains!

The emotional king of Kannada cinema hat trick Shivarajakumar carries the entire film on his shoulders for his solid ability. The film heightens the interest of the audience once it is placed in the Hospital that is especially the intensive care block is kept as hostage.

This is a film to experience. This is a film to learn something. This is a film that makes the richer class of the society to think. This is a film that makes the affluent hospital to re-look at the problems of poor patients.

Sugriva surgery adopted in the film is the right one everyone feels. He has so much of pain in his life to bring up his only son Kiran. When his son needs transplant of a heart he begs everyone in the hospital to cure his son. The need of Rs.45 lakhs is stressed by the doctors. That reminds Sugriva that he should save his son at any cost. He hijacks the ICU section in the hospital closing all areas of entry.

In the dozen who are locked here with a team of doctors there are some human elements that spill out. The humanity wins when Sugriva explain his stand and his friend Manjunatha (Achuyuth Kumar) make an attacking speech that opens the eyes of everyone.

With pitiable condition of his son what Sugriva does when he is cheated by the commissioner of police? There are some more stressing moments you have to watch it on the screen.

Shivarajakuamar in the title role is wonderful when it comes to emotions. He needed some more sophisticated weapons to bring in more fear. It is of course difficult to expect from a mechanic of a car. Yagna Shetty emoted well; Harish Raj, Harshika, Vijayasarathy, Sangeetha and Raju Thalikote in the hijack portions are too good.

Achyuth Kumar, Prakash Heggodu and Ninasam Ashwath gathers good attention for charged up performance.

The 10 commandment cameramen have given fine treat to the eyes. There is no jerk or disturbance to the eyes. There is only one background score and Gurukiran has lent his best background knowledge to the film.

This is a film to watch and experience the fate of down trodden in the society. When animals fight out to save their generations why not human beings!

Producer – Anaji Nagaraj, Banner – Anaji Films, Program and key director – Prashanth, 10 other directors, Cameramen – 10 cameramen, Cast – Shivararajakumar, Yagna Shetty, Master Chiranjeevi, Dilipraj, Prakash Heggodu, Achyuth Kumar, RG Vijayasarathy, Harshika Poonachcha, Manju Bhargavi and others.

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