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Posted date: 16/January/2010

‘Suryakanthi’ for this ‘Sankranthi’ has only ‘Some Kranthi’ and ‘Some Sunshine’ in it. Lack of knowledge for the screenplay writer on the films that have come in Kannada and other languages is the major fault. The smell of a few films inadvertently crept inside this film. Otherwise KM Chaitanya has given a colorful and stylish film. Regina, maestro Ilayaraja and HC Venu steal the show in ‘Suryakanthi’. The shooting in Uzbekistan burning lakhs of rupees for the producer was unnecessary.

It is about relationships lying on lies! Rohith (Chetan) the perfect shooter a criminal working with international don Stalin (Ganehs Yadav) is fortunate for the misreading of Appa Saheb Secretary (played by Shashidhar). He is recognized as Surya and whisked away immediately. But at the same airport Surya after five years stay in USA comes and becomes a scapegoat to the bomb blast. Now Rohith is Surya. He has to pretend as Surya and for this he is given the childhood days clippings. That is enough for Rohith! At the Appa Saheb Empire Surya is supposed to take up CEO position. But before this he is given the charge of convincing Kanthi (Regina) who is at Belgaum with her grand parents. In Belgaum he is the target of pranks of Kanthi but later they fall in love with Surya bails out the burden of Rs.3 crores 15 lakhs to the ancestral loan on the spinning mill. What action Surya alias Rohith takes to get the huge amount make the international don Stalin to reach Belgaum. The end reels is the clash of Rohith alias Surya and Stalin gang.

Regina is a beauty to watch. She is tall lovely in looks and for every costume she fits beautifully. Chetan has not delivered the dialogues properly. Accent is his problem. He looks grand on screen and like Salman Khan shirtless often is a treat for female audience to watch him. But his six packs not come to the help in the cinema. Ramakrishna is apt, Ganesh Yadav dubbing has helped. Nasser and Kishori Ballal combination is passable.

Sound Swalpa Jasthi Maadu… written by Yogaraj Bhat is of course resounding on the screen visually. There are two other melodious tune in which Mouni Naanu… the beauty from maestro. HC Venu steals the show with his splendid camera work.

‘Suryakanthi’ is worth a dekko once!

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