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Title ‘U the End A’ – Producer – Parvathi B Kannika, Direction – Nagendra Karnik, Music – Manushri, Cinematography – Manohar Joshi, Cast – Naag, Kumuda Gowda, Ananthnag, Sadhu Kokila, Raju Thalikote, Vijayakumar, Deepti Mohan, Lokesh, Yashpal and others.

This film ‘U the End A’ made with style and technology usage is very confusing. It is more confusing than super star Upendra film. Yet the stuff loaded in a long drawn out cinema is good. When an examination is written not all the answers are correct. Like that ‘U the End A’ gets good score for putting the state of mind of audience in confusing mood. It is Astra Travel discussion in the film. The deal, sub deal with son of chief minister heralding for a easy going and enjoying life – you find the ghost house, the Astra Travel existence in the film.

Rohan Karnik (Nag)  after a full drunk situation is advised not to take a route to ‘Bhayanakapura’. He does not care. In the midway he meets with an accident. He is found in the unique house of ghost Ananthnag. It is at this place the interesting aspects reveal. The story moves on a flash back. When Rohan returns with great difficulty from this place, we find many strange situations on screen. At the end we find Rohan Karnik is a dreamer. His dreams are something beyond imagination. The attempt of the director is to show anything is possible in dream. It is Aishwarya (Kumuda Gowda) double standard and hunger for money comes in flashback and a friend of Rohan Karnik harping on Rs.2 crore from Rohan Karnik passes different mindset in our society.

The attempt of Nag is good. He should have chiseled it out in a non confusing way. Nag as an actor looks good. He reminds Farook Shaikh Hindi actor in looks and in dialogues he reminds Golden star Ganesh.

Kumuda Gowda in her first heroine role is adequate. Ananthnag, Raju Thalikote are treat to watch. The songs are well placed and good in quality from music director Manushri, the effects in this film is pretty good, the cinematography captures good moments.

Completing SSLC is what should happen first. The graduation and post graduation comes up later.

Score – 4/5

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