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Title – BUGURI, Banner – SMG Movies, Producers – Smt Manjula Gopalakrishna, Smt Vijayalakshmi Sridhar, Direction – MD Sridhar, Music = Mickey J Meyar, Cinematography – Krishnakumar, Cast – Ganesh, Erica Fernandez, Richa Panai, Ashok, Sadhu Kokila, Sudha Belawadi, Saritha Jain and others.

‘Buguri’ – the 25th film of Golden star Ganesh is a neat family entertainer. Ganesh has enough of dialogues for which he is famous; he looks sweet and emoted equally well. The two lovely looking girls in the cinema Erica and Richa really put a question to the audience that is the last sentence of the film ‘Are You Coming back’. They are so good to see again.

Like how ‘Buguri’ turns round and round, it is a ‘Googly’ for the protagonist when he learns that his father is dead because of his negligence. There is Ishanya (Erica Fernandez) completely in love but Krishna is bowled over by the beauty of Nandini (Richa Panai).

To please and get acceptance of Nandini our sweet boy Krishna is ready to do anything. He chases the goons; he steals a Ganesha Idol for her and takes up more risk. Of course it comes. Krishna is not in a position – he has spent his life at the cost of his family and his goal now is different. In life achieving something is important for him. He develops a new application in the mobile world and becomes very rich.

It is after a few years he meets Nandini by rigorous search. He finds her but Nandini is engaged to her aunt son who bailed their family in difficult time. Krishna graciously exit from the life of Nandini. He gets a call from Ishanya that says ‘Are you coming’ – Krishna replies positively.

The film ‘Buguri’ is very pleasant at places. He does not test your brain. The flow is good but expectations are not beyond one imagination.

Ganesh is absolutely fit in his role. His horse riding and skating is new addition in this film. Richa has more screen space compared to Erica. Both are pleasant to watch.

Sadhu Kokila comedy moves with the track. Newcomer in villain role takes a good entry.

Mickey J Meyer haunts in two tunes. The cinematography of Krishna Kumar has no flaws.

A film pleasant to watch!

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