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What is required for a commercial entertainer you find in this ‘Victory’ in the first half of the film and second half is a bonus on par with highly ranked multinational company gives bonus for its employees!

This is a film you can buy ticket closing your eyes and then your eyes, ears, heart get a good feast. Sharan, Nandakishore, Anand Audio Mohan and Shyam, MS Srinath, Arjun Janya, Prashanth, Chandrasekhar, Sadhu Kokila and Ravishanker share the major honors for contents of the film.

The film is loaded with developments in the second half. You get double the first half with all characters made hyper active. This two hours and 33 minutes cinema gets applaud from the audience for over a dozen times in the theatre and it is at morning show we have assessed.

We at give you commentary on the main proceedings of the film with wonderful dialogues penned by Prashanth.

·         ‘Victory’ releasing in over 125 theatres on Friday throws the first surprise when the voice of ‘Navarasa Nayaka’ Jaggesh gives an introduction.

·         In just forty minutes the love, marriage and break up happens with fun intact in almost every scene is like ‘Badam Puri dipped in Sakkare Paaka’.

·         In the post interval you have to lift Badam Puri from the Sakkare Paka and eat. It takes times.

·         The clash of Veerabhadra and Rajendra a don and a cop return after 25 years at the end.

·         At the beginning the title card song is filled with novelty – with three hands and fingers fitted with designs is a treat to watch. It is Tu Tu Tu…Aaase Untu Noora Entu…. Kancha Minche….song has very good editing. Yakka Nin Magalu is peppy and this song with Ragini Dwivedi is very absorbing for beauty in her.

·         The dialogue writer Prashanth seems to be inspired from various other films. His dialogues such as – Hudgar life Steel Thatte, Hudgir life Baale Ele….Bettak Batte Suttad Hagide, Prastha andre Hen Maklu Odde Aada Soap Idda Haage, Mancha Ghatti idre Makkalagalla, Manushya Ghatti irbeku, Batman Eshte Doddonaadru, Bowler Ball Hako Tanka Kaibeku, Machalli hodedre Moole tanaka, Hendthi Hodadre Smashana tanaka, Iro Bavile Neer Sedak agthilla, pakkadalli bore well bere…bhaya illade ironu Samudrakke Esadru Badukthane…. Bhaya Iron thotti esidru Saithane,

·         The first half compels and second half forces you to watch this film ‘Victory’.

·         By the by ‘Victory’ has meaning at the interval with Sharan alike arises as Munna from Mumbai.

·         Look at Tabla Nani character that creates ripples in the family for the good flow of screenplay.

·         Tabla Naani character heard it right from astrologer the marriage would not have happened.

·         For this man the ear drum has gone. He creates all confusions.

·         Asmitha Sood in her first appearance looks good and emoted well.

·         Sharan-Sadhu Kokila combination is such that the cool and casual acting to emote naturally is shown.

·         Ravishanker doing a comedy role is absorbing and dialogue diction is very fine indeed.

·         The topic of ‘Nagamandala’ and TS Nagabharana could have avoided.

·         Finally the battle ground is when all character assembles at one place. 25 years old revenge of Veerabhadra and Rajendra also crops up for final countdown.

Title – Victory, Producer – SRS Media Vision, Direction – Nandakishore, Music – Arjun Janya, Cinematography – Chandrasekhar, Cast – Sharan, Asmita Soodh, Sadhu Kokila, Ramesh Bhat, Kuri Pratap, Tabla Naani, Avinash, Ravishanker, Keerthiraj, Girija Lokesh, Arasu, Mimicry Dayand, Sudhakar, Manadip Rai, Sangamesh.

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