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Posted date: 20/June/2009

This is not only patriotic but also piercing with hard hitting dialogues and wonderful action. So far in the career of challenging star Darshan the patriotism is not seen on screen. Darshan in the role of Captain Ram is effortless and he looks agile with army uniform. The dialogues he says I will make the one who says Jihad to say Jai Hind plus the real Muslim people are the ones who quietly do prayer in the mosque is in good taste. The rowdy and terrorism activities making this country as garbage basket is timely. Captain Ram saying that ‘Bhoomi Mele Swarga antha enadru idhre adhu Bharatha mathra’ – let us all clap for this statement.

A remake of ‘Bose’ Telugu film ‘Yodha’ is good in all standards. There is excellent stunts, wonderful songs, fine photography, dialogues, sentiments are impressive and Darshan is best again in a fare for fans. The trio – Darshan, Rao and Rock combination has given a neat film. The piercing of bullets by villain gang and not one reaching the hero is unimaginable.

Captain Ram on his way to save the modesty of Asha pierces a bullet to politician and thus a lot of remarks fall on him. Captain Ram is not in a position to explain why he did so because it is a question of safety of Asha. As he does not provide the exact reasons behind doing so he is fired and faces the court martial by the strict officers in the Army.

Ram comes back to his home town where everyone is happy on his return after five years. The politician severely wounded sends his goons to finish off Ram and further things get complicated. The humble father of Ram a police constable from last 35 years pays his life and Ram works out strategies to finish off the kingpins in the underworld. At the same time he is also working on tracing the hideouts of the terrorists in Karnataka. At one point of time Asha knows the great deal of work done by Captain Ram and she falls in love with him seriously.

Captain Ram returns with more courage because the politician whom he has wounded is on the verge of becoming chief minister of state. The Army gets full knowledge of why Ram has done like that in the past and at the same time the hideout and secrets of terrorists is also unearthed.

Darshan has given a sterling performance. He matches every frame in the cinema. Action is MTR badam barfi for the fans. Nikitha has exhibited her flesh more in this film. Director Om prakash Rao has seen Rakshita in Nikitha. The running scenes of Nikitha are very peppy for the front benchers. However Nikitha is too good in her role. Avinash and Srinivasamurthy have rendered good support. Ashish Vidyarthi is in the same old role.

Namma Nadu India….by Hamsalekha is worth for Independence Day and republic day. Liputu Liputu lift Kode….is well sung and it is racy number on the screen. There is another song Soorya Nodu Namma Jodi Langilla Lagamu Illa….is typical Hamsalekha song.

KM Vishnuvardhana has given some fine top angle shots and storing the action film in the camera is itself a terrific job.

‘Yodha’ you can easily watch once!

Banner – Rockline Productions

Producer – Rockline Venkatesh

Direction – N Omprakash Rao

Lyrics and Music – Hamsalekha

cinematography – KM Vishnuvardhana

Cast – Darshan, Nikitha, Avinash, Srinivasamurthy, Tharakesh, Ashish Vidyarthi, Rahul Dev and others.

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