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Title – Apoorva, Producer – Ishwari Production, Direction, Music – V Ravichandran, Cinematography – GSV Seetharam, Cast – V Ravichandran, Apoorva, Kichcha Sudeep, Ravishanker, Pavitra Lokesh, Suchindraprasad, Vijay Raghavendra Spandana and others.

The magnum opus of V Ravichandran is special for its technical excellence, grand thought and climax was unexpected from the ‘Master of Love’. The circumstantial love, the temporary love, immature love in the teenage is obvious these days. As a grand master at 61 should have given a matured thought to this and taken the teenage to a safety level instead of what is done in the climax.

Here is a very colorful crazy star V Ravichandran who reminds his ‘Kalavida’ and in the voice over we get to hear the situation of ‘Nishkarsha’.

There was chance to further edit the film of 139 minutes and 52 seconds ‘Apoorva’. The various aspects in which the philosophy of life, reality, truth, betrayal, experience, innocence, obsession, possession, observation, cruelty of life and others are packed like a mixed fruit ‘jam’.

The film mainly on two protagonists of 19 Apoorva and 61 Rajasekhar is narrated mainly in the lift of a mall. The circumstances lock these two for a long time. We hear the proceedings outside – terrorist attack when the minister Prakash Rai arrives in the mall. The two tormentors in this terrorist attack are captain Sudeep and his protégé Ravishanker.

After the two are out from the place where they were locked, the love between the two is not as we expect. Rest you can take a look at this stylishly made film.

In the role of 61 V Ravichandran lived up to the expectations. It is Apoorva with charming looks and innocent acting attracts. She has a very bright future ahead.

‘Apoorva’ scores more on the technical brilliance of V Ravichandran. The editing style, the novel method of reaching the audience and sincere effort in giving something special is evident throughout the film.

The quotations left right in English, the sub titles in the bottom is both advantageous and disadvantage. The advantage is taking the audience to higher class and works out well in ‘A’ centers. The same is a bane in the B and C centers. The concentration gets diverted although the attempt is new from V Ravichandran.

Prapanchavu Kaanadu Preethige Biddare…..When V Ravichandran starts making a film he does not care for world. He makes films in his style. Let us salute his guts and determination.

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