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Title – BAANADI, Banner – Druthi Cinemas, Producer – M Nagaraju, Direction – Nagaraj Kote, Music – Karthik Sharma, Camera – Sabha Kumar, Cast – Master Prafulla Kumar, Dattanna, Rajesh Nataranga, Abhinaya, Kumari Druthi, Sringeri Ramanna and others.

Nagaraj and Nagaraj combination has given a pretty good film. ‘Baanadi’ is the recent best children film and the outlook of commercial area is admirable from Nagaraj Kote. From publishing business Nagaraj of Druthi Cinema has not ‘Druthi Gedalilla’!

The music of Karthik Sharma and Master Praful Kumar are good contenders for awards from this film. The life in village, life in software employee, the ordeals of nomads, the young brains forced to the needs of elders as for as education and living standards is concerned – all focused in this film makes it interesting.

Government school Kishor is well acquainted with culture, heritage and his grandfather is responsible for it. For grandfather the grandson is ‘Devru’. He is only for his company in life. Kishor has no mother. His father is residing in foreign country. On his return from abroad Kishor father Rajesh Nataranga has different ideas of sending his son to a private English school. The trouble starts and story moves further. Fear of sending to boarding school Kishor run away from his school. He lives with road side people who are artist called ‘Hagaluvesha’. They earn food from day to day exhibition of talent. Curious about this sect of cultural band Kishore prefer to stay in this gang as it is very close to his heart.

Kishore is given all tutelage and sent to school for further education. In his very young age Kishore writes a book ‘Baanadi’ on the life of Hagaluvesha that earn him accolades from a publisher. Kishore is shocked with his grandfather death and he decide not to live with his father on return.

Nagaraj Kote has shown many of the good minds and his thoughts are appreciable. Karthik Sharma as music director is pinch hitter of this film. There are many memorable moments in the film.

Master Praful Kumar is sure to get an award. When he narrates the dynasty names of previous rulers in his private English school, it is such a mesmerizing moment.

Rajesh Nataraga, Dattanna, Nagaraj Kote, Jayasri Raj, Sringeri Ramanna, Venkatachala, Abhinaya have given admirable support.

Cinematography is as good as music from Karthik Sharma. Raju Ananthaswamy song on Henda Hedthi….is well captured.

Baanadi is worth watching cinema from first time director Nagaraj Kote and first time producer Druthi Nagaraj.

Score – 4/5

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