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Title – Dana Kayonu, Producer – Kanakapura Srinivas, BS Kiran Gowda, Direction – Yogaraj Bhat, Music – V Harikrishna, Cinematography – Sugnan, Cast – Vijay, Priyamani, Rangayana Raghu, Suchindra Prasad, Veena Sunder, Lakshmi Devamma, Vyjyanath Biradar, Saayi Mahesh, Veena Sunder, Kari Subbu, Jahangir and others

The much expected in the combination of Yogaraj Bhat and Dhuniya Vijay with lovely actress Priyamani ‘Dana Kayonu’ in all probabilities is going to spin ‘Dhana’ for producer Kananakapura Srinivas.

‘DK’ is a vociferously made film from start to end. The talkathon of all characters has bombarded the audience. Yogaraj Bhat and team of writers have done hard work. The punching dialogues, absorbing screenplay, good music and lovely camera work lift this film.

This is a film with fodder for your thoughts. The money factor, opportunity, prestige, humanity all clubbed in this film with cattle life – when the protagonist says let us follow the work of ‘Dana Kayonu’ otherwise we become ‘Manushyaru’ is a slap on the face in the society filled with opportunities.

The Bull and cow fight is seen in the human surrounded. The bull and cow are in love. That is not situation in the village. There is prestigious family of Suchindra Prasad, Vijay, Biradar, Rangayana Raghu gang is with a bull very strong, Priyamani and her mother are with a sweet cow. In the village the cattle care and its blood sample is taken by a foreign country. The bull Shankra of Dhuniya Vijay is very special as the generations from this bull would yield wonderful results. So the Bull Shankra fetch Rs.9 crores. At this time the bull is in the custody of Priyamani. She wants to become a cop in the police department. She demands Rs.20 lakhs in exchange of cow. When she realizes the huge amount Bull Shankra would fetch demands equal share. Vijay in fact is not interested in giving his Bull Shankra. So what happens? You have to watch.

Whether humanity wins or money power wins is explained in this film ‘DK’.

Vijay, Priyamani take equal share of honors for their brilliant performance. Priyamani reminds yesteryears Kalpana in her performance. The dialogues of Rangayana Raghu, Biradar are so loud that it does not reach the ears. Veena Sunder role is very good. Suchindra Prasad and MN Lakshmi Devi are impressive.

V Harikrishna has lent three good tunes. Sugnan cinematography is in top gear. The film is quite lengthy. Otherwise it is a film to watch.

Yogaraj Bhat and team has struggled hard in shaping up this film.

Score – 4/5 ****

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