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Dhuniya Vijay presenting this film to the ‘Mother of this Universe’ has really made every mother with family members to watch it. That is the contents he has pushed from debutant director Vikas.

‘Jayammana Maga’ is an engrossing entertainer. The much needed breezy win for Vijay has already come from 15th of August. But how is the film? It is loaded with action, sentiment, superstition, fight against evil by good, tremendous songs, nice cinematography….all ingredients of a sumptuous food for ‘Varamahalakshmi Festival’ has come a day in advance.

The beauty of this film is last 20 minutes with big platform and fight against evil forces from a song on ‘Goddess Shakthi’. What Saiprakash has shown in ‘Navashakthi Vaibhava’ this debutant director Vikas has shown in one song with such power and application of mind!

You would not blink with this climax comes on the screen. It is so stunning and appealing to the masses. ‘Maga andre Higirbeku’ – mothers would feel a son like this because no evil force attacks.

In the annals of Kannada cinema industry there are many films from ‘Naa Ninna Bidalaare’ on ghost in films. The acquisition of power to beat the ‘Daiva Shakthi’ has happened from Udayakumar and Sudarshan days. What is important in this film combining of ‘Nine Shakthi’ in one to fight the evil forces! The director showing the importance of ill power has given his will power to make a full powerful cinema ‘Jayammana Maga’.

There is clever handling in the beginning to those who do not believe in ghost and God. Naga with threesome discouraging the belief and superstition wins one section of audience. The other section that believes in super power that is God he sets a huge platform.

Imagine one song carrying the climax and turning out to be interesting is the strength of this director Vikas that has been supported superbly by entire team.

There is love, comedy, stage play (favorite of Vijay) interspersed in the main task of evil forces son fulfilling ambition of father and ‘Jayammana Maga’ in order to save his mother and lover imbibing ‘Navashakthi’ in him.

Vijay is the sole force of this film. He gives a cool and hot performance. In action he is tower and he has pulled out so much of power. 360 degree kicks in the opening fight and in the ‘Shakthi Devathe’ get up he has done a fantastic job.

Dr Bharathi in her first appearance on silver screen is quite good. Her facial expression gives her good chances in the coming days. There is not much of scope for Rangayana Raghu and two others.

Villain Uday taking on the role of Rakthaksha wins for his performance and special effects adds to him.

Action direction is fabulous in this film. Arjun Janya with two songs with ‘Jayammana Maga’ title has given a memorable song in the climax. Sugnan in his camera is also impressive as the dark and light effects are convincing.

‘Jayammana Maga’ is worth watching for good portrayal of situations!

Title – Jayammana Maga, Banner – Vijay Pictures-Duniya Talkies, Producers - Smt Narayanamma and Smt Manjula Ramesh, Direction – Vikas, Music – Arjun Janya, Camera – Sugnan, Cast – Vijay, Dr Bharathi, Kalyani, Anil, Ne La Narendra Babu, Muni, Nagaraj Kote, Rangayana Raghu and others.

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