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Title – Parapancha, Producers – Dr M Raviraj, C Rudrappa, Direction – Krish Joshi, Music – Veer Samarth, Cinematography – Santosh Rai Pathaje, Cast – Diganth, Ragini Dwivedi, Yogaraj Bhat, Rangayana Raghu, Shyamprasad, Ashok, Bhavana Rao, Anitha Bhat, Chetan Gandharva, V Manohar, Yogish and Huchcha Venkat guest appearance.

This is ‘Krish Joshi Ka Kush Film’. He has introduced to this world the six emotional and funny guys. The life of such persons is the crux of this film. Of course every character dealt in the film is deftly handled. Our colleague Shyamprasad Entertainment Editor of Bangalore Mirror makes debut (he was child actor in ‘Shanthi Kranthi’ – one in hundreds of children with school uniform). Shyamprasad gulping a few pegs and making good statements gets good attention.

It is ‘parapancha’ Veg and Non Veg Hotel’. There is a call girl Kasthuri behind crorepathi. There is bar boy Seena run away from home naked, a chief minister son in law (Shyamprasad) sitting at one of the table and getting pestering calls, there is Rangayana Raghu and Yogaraj Bhat combination with horrible tale, you have Manushya (V Manohar) an astrologer occupying a table in the bar, you have Aras and gang, there is young boy with friends, Chetan Gandharva a job loser crying for help and another software company gang in which one has faced the sexual harassment from boss who is also in another table. Above all a God man (Ananthnag) comes here quite often.

The film does not move away from Parapancha bar and restaurant. The emotions are baked to good taste in this hotel. Thanks to Seena. He has the extra luck. He solves almost everyone problem.

It is a talkathon! Every character talks, talks and talks. Some of them are grueling session = especially Rangayana Raghu and Yogaraj Bhat.

In between there are two songs and the best of course comes from Huchcha Venkat – Huttida Ooranu Bitta Mele….

Ragini Dwivedi looks charming, Diganth looks very sweet, there is no good dialogue for Sudhakar, Rangayana Raghu trouble you nerves, Chetan Gandharva has a sweet role, Bhavana Rao behind Diganth looks pretty, Anitha Bhat has no good role, Ashok senior actor has good combination portion with his son character in the film.

Veer Samarth has done a convincing job, Santosh Rai Pathaje is extremely good. Dialogues at places are philosophical. Finally in this ‘Parapancha’ all have problems. It is not difficult to solve it is the essence of this film.

You may be one of the dozen plus characters of this film. You can take a try!

Score - 4/5

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