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Rose Kannada film review = U/A, 153minutes   Score = 4/5

Title – ROSE, Banner – Sri Bhairaveshwara Film Planet, Producer- Arun Shivappa, Direction HS Sahana, Camera – Guruprashanth Rai, Music – Anoop Seelin, Cast – Ajay Rao, Shravya, Chandrasekhar, Shanker Ashwath, Veena Sunder, Sadhu Kokila, Bullet Prakash, Aruna Rao,Victory Vasu, Umesh Punga, Tilak and others.

 It is a garden of entertainment from the maiden venture of Sri Bhairaveshwara Film Planet and 9 Thots. Tarun Shivappa and debutant director Sahana have added both thorns and road of roses in the screenplay. The pretty good comedy in the first half keeps cool for the audience and the suspense filled interval and emotional end is the hall mark of this film ‘Rose’ – Full marks to music director Anoop Seelin for giving lovely songs, there is equally good cinematography and the lovely looking pair – Krishna Ajay Rao and Shravya have lived up to the expectations.

Keep all your ‘Sahane’ and buy the ticket for the film to encourage this type of entertainer. The film is of course lengthy but the contents are quite impressive. A debut director giving a controlled and measured role for dialogue king Saikumar is another high point of the film. As a jailor Soorya IPS making efforts to release the jail bird Ajay shows we live in humanity world. Humanity is the part and parcel of life one would know.

Why Ajay (Ajju according to heroine Amrutha) went to prison? One in the company of five Ajju is a Good Samaritan. He melts to the problems and difficulties. One of the ‘Chloroform’ case he takes up leads to complications. The foul mind of an instructor in the gym spoils the modesty of Manasi sister of good friend of Ajay. There is a twist at this point of time and director sees to it the hero goes to prison taking onus of a killing.

What the lovely lass Amrutha feels at this time? She is under misconception when Ajay on the way to help his friend sister. Friends try to clear it out but she remains far away. After reels Amrutha know who is the culprit in the case as the director goes on a flashback.  

Amrutha agree to disagree at home and goes looking for Ajju in the prison. Every day she goes with a rose flower to meet Ajju. Ajju makes it a lovely bouquet on the wall that proves how immensely loves Amrutha. The jailor knowing this love affair and past of Ajay comes forward for ‘Kshamadana’ in the life imprisonment of Ajay.

Ajay Rao opening in the film should have been dashing instead of what director thought. Readjustment is what director Sahana was expected to do. with a title like Rose perhaps he has thought of a simple beginning to hero.

It is a superb entry for Shravya in this film. She was seen in a small role in Loosugalu but as a full time heroine she is pretty good in looks and possesses acting potentiality. She is here to stay for a long time.

Sorry Ree Sorry….Navilu Gariyondu….. Another peppy number are well composed by Anoop Seelin, the dance and location for the song is very apt. Cinematography by Guruprashanth Rai is pretty colorful and attractive to the eyes.

‘Rose’= a watchable movie!

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