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Title - Run Antony, Producers - Vajreshwari Combines and Dr Rajakumar Hospitalities, Direction - Raghu Shastry, Music - Manikanth Khadri, Cinematography - Karam Chawla, Cast - Vinay Rajakumar, Ruksar, Sushmita Joshi, Devaraj, Bullet Prakash, Sridhar, Shivaji Rao Jadhav and others.

On the entertainment front ‘Run Antony’ falls flat. The vast improvement expected from Vinay Rajakumar has not happened. The dialogue delivery was expected to be better. He has good height and look needed a change. On the heroism he drops completely. The content wise Raghu Shastry is still at the training days in an institute. He is not aware of the present trend of cinema. The terrorism which he has picked up is something needed better treatment so that the youths could evaporate it.

The first half is a big worry for the paid audience. Nothing happens strongly so that it keeps them to the edge of the seat. The heroine tied with liquid bomb turns ghastly in a railway station. Second tragedy of the protagonist! In the previous case he is on a run to end his life – for love failure – a very puerile thinking for these days.

When the hunt is made the name of Antony comes in the front as CC TV footage clearly recognizes him as accompaniment of Yashu. So what the hero does is the audiences think and wait for something to happen strongly. Nothing gets to the ticket price. The police understand that a soldier son cannot take up such things. The duped hero from an elderly couple at the last minute jumps with investigative officer in a moving vehicle. He learns the next move of the terrorists. He is given nod to run further to avert the bomb blast.

What the hero Vinay Rajakumar has done? It is nothing. Several questions crop up in the mind. Raghu Shastry think tank team for arriving at the screenplay is very poor.

Vinay should open up when he delivers dialogues. He should learn dancing skills from his Chikkappa and Doddappa – Puneeth and Shivanna. The strong subject line he should catch for his next film.

Siddartha his debut was much better film compared to this ‘Run Antony’. Some of the ancient lines have come (Anna agidya anta nodakke ondu Kalu nodidre Saaku) from Hari Parak.

One song of Puneeth Rajakumar Janak Janak…is too good from Manikanth Khadri. Cinematography by Manohar Joshi and Karam Chawla has done a competent work.

‘Run Antony’ from theatres is too harsh to say.

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