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Saluting all those who left in the Corona year 2020   the year was very depressing and distressing. There are many in the list of deaths.  A few departed at a young age, a few because of the Corona Pandemic that blasted from the middle of March 2020 and a few others committed suicides. A very few due to old age left us.

We give you the list of those who died from January 2020 to December 2020:

·         MAKEUP KRISHNA One of the senior most makeup artists Krishna, maker of Dr Rajakumar series ‘Jeevanadhare’ is the first demise of the year 2020 in Kannada film front.

·         SANJEEV KULKARNI - One of the famous anchors and pleasant speakers of Kannada language Sanjeev Kulkarni aged 49, battling for life with acute heart ailment passed away on Saturday  25th of January 2020.

·         VETERAN KISHORI BALLAL passed away on 19th of February - One of the highly acclaimed character actress, a veteran Kishori Ballal with strong base of theatre hailing from Mangaluru passed away due to age old complications in health.

·         DOYEN PATIL PUTTAPPA   One of the legends of journalism, Kannada movement ‘Gokak Chaluvali’ in 1982 Patil Puttappa passed away on Monday night for his age old problems at KIMS, Hubbali. He was born on January 14, 1921

·         KAPALI MOHNAN   One of the closets of Dr Rajakumar family, producer, financier, actor and businessman VK Mohan (60) alias Kapali Mohan committed suicide on Monday morning at his own hotel ‘Supreme’ situated in Peenya surroundings.

·         COMEDY SPECIALIST BULLET PRAKASH  Much sought after comedy actor of Kannada cinema Bullet Prakash breathed last at Fortis Hospital. He was 44 years old. He leaves behind his wife Manjula, daughter Monika Varshini and son Rakshak Sena.

·         SHARADHAMMA UDAYASHANKER  The unforgettable personality of Kannada filmdom Chi Udayashanker, best friend of Dr Rajakumar died in 1993 and after 27 years Chi Udayashanker wife Smt Sharadamma passed away today morning at Columbia Asia Hospital in Yeshwanthpur. She was 74 years of age.

·         PROF NISSAR AHMED  One of the legends of Kannada literature known as ‘Nithyotsava’ poet and famous for his ‘Kurigalu Saar Kurigalu’ that was written in 1962 November – 84 years Prof Nissar Ahmed passed away today.Prof Ahmed poem ‘Kurigalu Sar Kurigalu’ title and its contents were adapted to cinema of the same title by national acclaimed director SV Rajendra Singh Babu that became a fun and runaway hit cinema.

·         CAMERAMAN SV SRIKANTH  One of the prolific and highly acclaimed cameramen of black and white era and color SV Srikanth passed away at his Bengaluru residence near Domlur. He was 87 years old.  An assistant of ace cameraman Madhusoodhan, SV Srikanth made debut from ‘Gejje Pooje’ Kannada cinema in 1970. His film completed 50 years of release recently.

·         MICHAEL MADHU  A dance trainer turned comedy actor of over 300 films in Kannada Michael Madhu died of heart attack before reaching hospital.

·         MUTHAPPA RAI Reformed don hailing from Karnataka Muthappa Rai, founder of Jai Karnataka party breathed on Friday. Muthappa Rai is closely connected to Kannada filmdom. He acted in Tulu film ‘Kanchilda Baale’ (2011) and he was regarded high for his social service activities after giving up underworld activities. A film on Muthappa Rai is the topic for makers today.

·         AJJIMANE NAGENDRA NO MORE A humble and simple personality Ajjimane Nagendra connected to in the camp of Sunil Kumar Desai - headed the ‘Sirigandha’ book shop of government situated at the centre of Town Hall and Ravindra Kalakshetra passed away.

·         PYATE HUDGI FAME MEBINA  A talented reality show participant Mebina of ‘Pyate Hudgir Halli Laifu’ passed away in a road accident on Tuesday. Mebina Michael's car met with an accident. There others traveling received serious injuries.

·         ACE CAMERAMAN B MARULAPPA  One of the legends in cinematography field a long time tutor at SJP – Sri Jayachamarajendra Polytechnis where he studied cinematography in the first batch in 1943 with Dada Saheb Phalke award winner VK Murthy – B Marulappa passed away on Friday in Bengaluru at his Jayanagara residence. B Maralappa after studying in the first batch of SJP reached Mumbai but not as a cameraman but in charge of Dadar Film Processing lab. VK Murthy his batchmate flourished in Gurudat camp as ace cameraman.

·         ACTION HERO CHIRANJEEVI SARJA  The most shocking news on June 7, 2020. 34 years young and dashing action hero, very humble Chiranjeevi Sarja of 22 films in Kannada passed away after a massive heart attack. He was declared dead at Appolo Hospital near Ashok Pillar Jayanagar.

·         VETERAN FINANCIER D KAMALAKAR  One of the veteran financiers, producer and distributor D Kamalakar passed away - D Kamalakar is an old horse. Hailing from Hubballi entered the cinema industry as co-producer of films of SR Puttanna Kanagal. Films like Manasa Sarovara and Dharani Mandala Madhyadolage, Kamalakar invested with Srinath and Verghese in the past.

·         VETERAN FILM FINANCIER SUBRAMANYA - In the coronavirus time another eminent personality from Kannada cinema industry financier and theatre owner M V Subramanya passed away on Thursday afternoon– it is not because of corona virus but because of sudden heart attack for 74 years veteran financier of 200 Kannada films, owner of Mahalakshmi and Rajarajeshwari theatres and Udayaranga Transport proprietor the last call came from Yama Raja.

·         MIMICRY RAJAGOPAL  on July 1, a richly talented comedy actor of over 650 films, mimicry artist who could bring in Minuguthare Kalpana voice immaculately Mimicry Rajagopal passed away at the age of 69 on Thursday morning. He was suffering from Asthama and kidney failure further deteriorated his condition. He was residing in an apartment in Kengeri locality.

·         LEGEND SAROJ KHAN WORKED GARA  The legendary dance director of over 2000 songs in Indian cinema working for several languages Saroj Khan passed away early Friday on account of cardiac arrest. She was in Mumbai Hospital from June 20, 2020. She worked in two Kannada films in her career.

·         GRAMAYANA PRODUCER MURTHY  39 years young producer NLN Murthy of ‘Gramayana’. He succumbed to respiratory problems just a day after he lost his mother. Murthy's film ‘Gramayana’ starring Vinay Rajakumar is yet to be released. At the post production stage of this film producer departs from earth.

·         ART DIRECTOR LOKESH COMMIT SUICIDE Out of depression and no job at this Pandemic situation art director Lokesh committed suicide at a very young age. He worked for films like Bell Bottom, Avane Sriman Naarayana super hit films. Hailing from Nagamangala taluk was living in Laggere area in Bengaluru.

·         SUSHEEL GOWDA  TV actor turned big screen actor Susheel Gowda at the age of 30 succumbed to suicide.

·         DARSHAN MAKEUP MAN SRINIVAS  Srinivas a makeup man for over two decades and a permanent makeup man for challenging star Darshan passed at a very early age for cardiac arrest.

·         CORONA VIRUS CLAIMS HULIVANA GANGADHARAIAH   ‘Natavara Gangadhara’ on stage, small screen and cinema field. That is Hulivana Gangadharaiah who succumbed to pandemic on Friday night at BGS Hospital. The 70 years old veteran actor was suffering from fever and breathing problems in the last 10 days. He had taken part in the TV serial shooting ‘Prema Loka’. It is from this set he complained of fever. He was treated at BGS Hospital.

·         PREM MOTHER  Director Prem mother breathed last. Director Prem had written songs in his film career remembering his mother especially in the film ‘Jogi’.

·         SHANTHAMMA PASSED AWAY  The most prominent personality in the family of Dr Rajakumar for decades, actress of nearly 450 films Shanthamma husband of Anil Kumar (drama artist) passed away at the age of 95 years in Mysuru on Sunday night.

·         SHEKHAR BHANDARI VICTIM OF CORONA It is a very sad demise of actor of theatre, cinema and TV serials Shekhar Bhandari a few days ago. He was afflicted with Corona and succumbed at the age of 72. Shekhar Bhandari a well built person employed in Vijaya Bank hailing from Dakshina Kannada is known for his small pun and funny lines.

·         STILL SEENU  One of the reputed, humble and kind hearted still photographers STILL SEENU alias R Srinivas passed away today morning after a long battle in coma at Sparsh Hospital. Still Seenu who served 30 years in Kannada cinema industry working for over 250 films is also producer one Kannada film ‘Gahana’ met with an accident on his way home on August 20, on 22nd August he went into Coma but did not come back.

·         SIDDARAJ KALYANKAR On 7th of September the popular theatre, TV and cinema actor Siddaraja Kalyankar celebrated his 60th birthday on the sets of ‘Prema Loka’ TV serial. What was most unfortunate is that the 60 years talented actor Siddaraja Kalyankar died the next day after vomiting blood.

·         ROCKLINE SUDHAKAR  It is another sad end for a very popular comedy and supporting actor Rockline Sudhakar. Before coming to acting Sudhakar worked for nearly 32 years in the camp of noted producer Rockline Venkatesh. He was on the sets of ‘Sugarless’ Kannada film at the time of demise.

·         SPB – END OF A GLORIOUS ERA  epoch making playback singers of this sub continent S P Balasubramaniam era has come to an end on this earth at the age of 74 years singing over 40000 songs. More than 49 years SPB never stopped singing and enthralling from his golden voice. Gana Gandharva passed away on Friday at 1.04 pm at the age of 74 and was laid to rest at the Tamaraipakam Red Hills Farms House at Thiruvallur near Chennai on Saturday afternoon.

·         VIJAYA REDDY - The veteran topnotch director B Vijaya Reddy who directed nearly 48 Kannada films and produced a few with another veteran director V Somashekhar died on Friday at Appolo Hospital in Chennai for age old complications. He was 84.

·         JAYAKUMAR – known as Junior Rajakumar, a famous theatre artist – Kodagauru Jayakumar also an actor in big screen and small screen died of breathing problem.

·         RAJAN OF RAJAN NAGENDRA DUO  87 years epoch making music director of South India of nearly 375 films in which over 250 are for Kannada films – Rajan Nagendra duo fame Rajan passed away on Sunday night around 10.30 pm. Nagendra, his brother's music composer had passed away in 2000.

·         KRISHNAMURTHY NADIG  Krishnamurthy Nadig a ready reckon on various topics especially Kannada cinema, actor, writer and a very good human being passed away on Saturday night.

·         G MURTHY DIRECTOR AND ART DIRECTOR One of the pillars of the art direction department in Kannada cinema G Murthy who is also known for rare picks in his direction from ‘Kurunaadu’ had a severe heart attack and collapsed with a lot of dreams unfulfilled.

·         PRODUCER BAKERY SRINIVAS A very simple and humble producer who owned a Bakery in Chamrajpet as his main source of income known as Bakery Srinivas aged 70 years was suffering from health issues and taking treatment at Rangadore hospital. He died of Heart attack leaving wife and two sons.

·         RAVI BELEGERE - The stormy petrel of tabloid journalism, multi talented, multi tasking personality with strong nerves to call spade a spade Ravi Belegere era ends. It has been 62 years of ‘Good, Bad and Ugly’ stages of life he surpassed. The founder Editor of ‘Hai Bangalore’ Black and White sensation on September 25, 1995 Ravi Belegere grew heaps and bounds.

·         DIRECTOR SHAHURAJ SHINDE - Director giving good quality films like ‘Snehana Preethina’ starring two good looking actors challenging star Darshan and Aditya, ‘Arjun’ starring Darshan, ‘Prema Chandrama’, Champion and ‘Ranga Mandira’ dies of heart attack on Thursday morning.

·         VETERAN PHOTOGRAPHER MALLARADHYA - On 19th of November we lost a director Shahuraj Shinde and to the back of his passing away, the death news of a veteran still photographer of cinema and other field Mallaradhya shocked everyone.

·         VETERAN BOODAL KRISHNAMURTHY - director and producer Boodal Krishnamurthy passed away. Hailing from Chitradurga district Hosadurga taluk Srirampura Boodal first worked as assistant and associate director. He debuted as director from ‘Eradu Dandeya Mele’. He was known for writing story, screenplay, dialogues, and songs besides acting in supporting roles.

·         H G SOMASHEKAR RAO  passed away on November 3 in Bengaluru following a heart attack. The theatre and film actor was 86. Somashekar made his debut with Kannada film Geejagana Goodu (1975).  In a 5-decade long career, he appeared in more than 60 movies and over 300 plays. Some of his films include Kaamana Billu, 27 Mavalli Circle, Harakeya Kuri, Mithileya Seeteyaru, Minchina Ota and Accident. He was also a published author. 

·         DIRECTOR BHARAT NO MORE - A young and talented director Bharat S of ‘Kanti’ starring Srimurali and ‘Saheba’ featuring Manuranjan Ravichandran completed his journey on earth. S Bharat died of Kidney failure on Thursday night in Bengaluru. 45 years Bharat was taking treatment at a private hospital in Chamarajanagara.

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