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5 ADI 7 ANGULA PACK OF SURPRISES - Rating 4.5/5 *****
Posted date: 14 Sat, Mar 2020 11:48:06 AM

Duration – 113 minutes, Category – Thriller, Rating – 4.5/5

Title – 5 Adi 7 Angula, Producer – Nandalike Nithyanand Prabhu, Direction – Nandalike Nityanand Prabhu, Musuc – Raghu Thaane, Cinematography – Rudramuni Belegere, Cast – Raasik Kumar, Adhithi, Bhuvan Narayan, Veena Sunder, Sathyanath, Pranava Murthy, Chakravarthy Mahadev, Pawan Kumar, Santosh, Venkat, Srisha Bharadwaj, Naveen, Kishor, Kushal Raaj, Madan Raj, Master Nagendra and others.

Nandalike Nithyanand Prabhu makes a cake walk in his first thriller cum suspense cinema. He has done a fantastic home work to keep the audience glued to their seats. At the same time he passes the mood of the present generation via pranks. He also further enhance his strength by showcasing the penalty one has to pay for ‘Kuyukthi, Kutantra and Kucheste’ – no doubt one of the best directors arrived from this ‘5Adi 7 Angula’ Kannada film.

The first half is Paisa Vasool for your tickets and second half is a bonus with grips, thrills, shocks, surprises and never allows you to divert your attention.

Why Nandalike Nityanand Prabhu gets a separate status from this film is because he has chosen all new talent for his debut film and taken superb work from everyone. He knows pretty well that from new faces it is easier to make the audience guess on the probabilities. Highly qualified in his academics with a long stint of profession is further strength of this director to give a terrific suspense thriller film ‘5 Adi 7 Angula’.

At the outset one would feel why this ‘Pranks’ are done by youths and what is the danger level it might reach. To begin with the prank evolves at the bachelor party. The victim of it surprises in his presence. When the bachelor party is fixed again, shocking situations crops up. In an accident out of four one survive and three dead. Later the bridegroom is missing in another track. We get to know a person is tucked in the coffin box and allowed the space to breath. When the search is made for this particular person, he is missing from the coffin box. We are told that he is kidnapped. All these developments take place because of the revenge. The search is made for person of 5 Adi 7 Angula. As the film reaches the climax we have a startling flashback that leads to all the developments so far, that you have to watch it in the theatres unfailingly.

Aditi doing the key role is exceptionally good in her second film. This is her debut in Kannada. Raasik Kumar and Bhuvan Narayan are having good future. The supporting artists have given able support.

Two plus one songs are well composed. One is a title track. The editing is impressive and pattern of narration is extremely good. Cinematography is another trump card of this film.

You cannot give any reason to miss this film. It is so captivating, entertaining, makes you to chew your nails quite often.

The encouragement to this new team of ‘5Adi 7 Angula’ is no doubt the best thing to happen in the field of cinema art.

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