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Posted date: 20 Sat, Apr 2019 11:26:36 AM

Soon after the elections to Lok Sabha 2019 (18 and 23 April) Kannada films withheld its release are pouring out in theatres!

On 26th of April films like ‘Premiere Padmini’,  Howla Howlaa, Rathna Manjari, Mahaakavya, Vajramukhi and Kanchana 3 might get release.  

The biggest among six are ‘Premiere Padmini’ by producer Shruthi Naidu starring Navarasa Naayaka Jaggesh, Pramod, Hita, Madhubaala and others in the direction of Ramesh Indira.

Kanchana 3 is dubbed and the simultaneous release in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada could not happen. Only the Telugu and Tamil versions conquered over 50 malls and over 100 theatres in Karnataka. The previous two of this series were performed by Upendra as ‘Kalpana’ and Kalpana 2. This time the Kannada dubbed is straightaway releasing soon.

Meanwhile in the last week April 19 – releases like Sathyam and Punarvasu Nakshatra Mithuna Raashi got no notice in the media columns. No one knows when the films were made and obviously the takers for the film is poor it is learnt.

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