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Posted date: 23 Sat, Sep 2017 10:42:55 AM
Every time Jaggesh comes up before the media with new film, he is very clever and circumspect in giving the details of the film with his humorous touch.

After 140 films and 30 years of career he is taking on a pistol in his hand in ‘8 MM’ Kannada cinema in the direction of Harikrishna for trio producers of three religions – Hindu, Muslim and Christianity – Narayanaswamy, Pradeep and Salim making debut.
After a few films hit the credit not coming to Jaggesh, he is not bothered. He has that generosity of supporting the young talent. As the inbuilt ambition was to give something different as age catches Jaggesh thrown open his mind for the young talent. He has the blessings of Sri Raghavendra Swamy in getting this offer. It is a Japanese film 
inspiration. It is only story line but everything required to give thrilling moments is added by the young Harikrishna. I need ‘Aahara’ to acting – it is precisely there in the film. It is about a mind game and clash of a criminal and cop.

Director Harikrishna went to Jaggesh house to narrate the reverse screenplay and got his approval first and then contacted his friends for production of this film. Aira is the film Harikrishna completed and his short film ‘Evil Dead’ has earned good name in the social media. He is not on a suspense thriller ‘8MM’.

Narayanswamy one of the three producers is from cement business, Salim Shah is in to travel business and runs buses from Hyderabad to Mumbai, Vincent Pradeep is also in the business field looks set to take a role in the film.
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