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Posted date: 4/December/2008

Honesty and Truthfulness is lacking in our society. A cruel and stone hearted person could be altered not buttered from only Honesty and Truth. We have a standing example in our life taught in the schools from ‘Punyakoti’ song that is also the famous dance-drama. The essence of ‘Punyakoti’ is given new looks by director of repute S.Mahender in churning out ‘Akka Thangi’. It is almost similar to Gandhian principles. It was cruel tiger that falls from a hill top after knowing the honesty of the cow that returns back as promised to tiger after feeding its calf. This honesty of cow makes the tiger to end its life falling from a hill.

In the similar way the protagonist Nagi in ‘Akka Thangi’ at the time of taking Rs.2 lakh for her sister cure against all odds returns back to Huliyappa with whom she has promised to marry. This is where the film acquires importance and opens the eyes of all.

After all why Nagi had to sacrifice her life for her sister Cauvery? It is because she wants a hospital in her village and her sister Cauvery should become a doctor in the same hospital giving treatment to poor and down trodden.

It is destiny play that puts Nagi and Shivlingu in tight spot. They collect Rs.2 lakh for the medical aid of Cauvery. When she had seen the cruel Huliyappa beheading an innocent she goes unconscious and blood clot in her brain for the sudden shock and fall. The thieves in Bangalore snatch Rs.2 lakh of Nagi on the way to hospital and it becomes inevitable for Nagi to beg for money from Huliyappa. In turn Huliyappa ask for his marriage with Nagi and it is forced acceptance for her to rescue her sister from virtual death. Now Nagi decides to go to the den of Huliyappa as he declared the marriage but the villagers are not happy with this development. The hell breaks out in the marriage hall. Huliyappa is beaten badly but still Nagi decides to join him keeping up the honesty. Huliyappa the chill man gets drilled with honesty and says to Nagi he would have been a good man had he known that honesty has so much of strength.

Actress Shruthi walks away with all the honors. She has the variety to perform in this film. Jutti Kattidre Nagi Juttu Bichchidre Jogi gets lovely claps. Holding mini long in her hand at places she has become a sort of Darshan. She is like Karpooradha Gombe in this film. Rashmi has a good role but some more of acting ability needed from her. Mohan and Sharan combination is a relief. Mohan and Shruthi in the song Badavanadare Enu Priye…..have done very well.

There are three more lilting tunes from music director V.Manohar. Cinematography is adequate.

This is a family viewing film. The Punyakoti is very well adapted on screen. It is cheers to Ramesh Yadav and team!


Banner – Ramesh Yadav Films

Producer – Ramesh Yadav

Story, Screenplay, direction – S.Mahender

Music – V.Manohar

Cinematography – Suresh Babu

Cast – Shruthi, Rashmi, Mohan, Kishore, Sharan, Kishori Ballal, Biradar, M.N.Lakshmi Devi, Shanker Rao and others.

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