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Posted date: 20/February/2010

In this sequel to ‘Aptha Mithra’ – ‘Aptha Rakshaka’ a lot of new elements have been brought in with the shades of original still doing rounds in this well sketched, well acted and bombastic graphic effect cinema. This is a wholesome entertainer and you would miss some new findings of P Vasu if you don’t watch this cinema. The debate of ‘Devaru and Devva’ is prevalent in the first part but the issue of ‘Himalaya Sannidhiyalli’ the living possible with water and air consumption he has touched here in a convincing style.

The Nagavalli factor taking the focus for all the developments and in the end the snake form of Nagavalli goes under the earth gives a scope for part III but how the Nagavalli lived again once it was demolished in the part one the director P Vasu cleverly answer in one of the scenes and not leave any doubt. But where is Dr Vishnuji? That is what so depressing.

The whole film looked after the demise of Dr Vishnuvardhana is very touching. For the character of Vijayaraja Bahaddur going behind the dancer and later killing there might be some discontentment.

The excellence in this film ‘Aptha Rakshaka’ is in the acting department. The 200th film of Dr Vishnuvardhana is something memorable. From ‘Nagarahavu’ to ‘Aptha Rakshaka’ Dr Vishnu has done variety of roles but here in this film saying Howla Howla….as Vijaya Rajabahaddur he is something a standing example for the budding actors.

In the huge family four sisters and parents and another couple living with the painting of a dancer coming on one of the walls the trouble starts shooting up. The unconscious stage, the snake charmer death and bridegroom running away on the engagement day shock the head of the family Srinivasamurthy. That forces the entry of Ramachandra Acharya (Avinash). Studying the whole house with his divine power Acharya comes to the conclusion the trouble is only because of ‘Nagavalli’. Seeing the painting on the wall he is confirmed. He locks this room and asks for the Captain Vijay (Dr Vishnuvardhana) a psychiatrist necessity. Further investigation and debate on the existence of devil power we see in interesting screenplay. But the route cause of Nagavalli taking revenge takes back to the 100 years old story – the life of Vijayaraja Bahaddur (Dr Vishnuvardhana).

After interval we see Howla Howla…king Vijayaraja Bahaddur conquering a kingdom and the beautiful dancer of that place. That dancer is Nagavalli who is already in love with Vineeth does not agree to come with the king. Vijayaraja Bahaddur forcibly brings her to his kingdom. When a dance is arranged of Nagavalli in the song Gara Garane…… a painter sketches the portrait of Nagavalli. When Vijayaraja Bahaddur asked how this is possible the painter pays the penalty of life when he says I have enjoyed the beauty in myself. Further shocked Nagavalli is put to a test now. Her fiancé Vineeth who pretended as dead comes back at a time when Vijayaraja Bahaddur goes out for two days. Actually he has made this announcement to know something else. That is nothing but Nagavalli and Vineeth romancing in his own kingdom irks Vijayaraja Bahaddur extremely. He kills Nagavalli pouring oil on her and cuts the head of Nagavalli fiancé. This is the beginning of end.

But how come the innocent family is affected you would ask. The painting of Nagavalli given to Saraswathi the eldest of the family as presentation is the sole reason for all series of trials and tribulations.

While Acharya controls the strength of Nagavalli it is Dr Vijay traces the living of Vijayaraja Bahadur in the dilapidated hill top. But Nagavalli effect in the body of Gowri now escapes from the hands of Acharya and reaches the hill top where Vijayaraja Bahaddur. Nagavalli torches the place of Vijaraja Bahaddur and reduce him to ashes and dances on it. Dr Vijay becomes a mute spectator to all these developments.

The splendid performance of Dr Vishnu in three characters – Dr Vijay, Vijaya Rajabaddur and again 120 plus – all three portions Dr Vishnu remained different and he is completely convincing. Admiration next comes to Avinash role. His body language the hairstyle and delivery of dialogue is very powerful. This is not the usual Avinash we see in regular social films.

The charm in Vimala Raman as Nagavalli is brilliant. Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Sandhya and Bhavana are convincing. Srinivasamurthy, Vinayaprakash, Ramesh Bhat given wonderful performance.

Komalkumar comedy with Dr Vishnu is a big relief. Komalkumar saying I have taken the glamour from you and Vishnu replying that ‘Naa Irodhe Kododakke’ is well timed.

Gurukiran has done good work in the background and three of his songs are lovely. Chamundi Thaayi Aane…lives for long. PHK Doss is fabulous in his work. The lighting done for the film is exceptional.
You cannot miss this film.

Title - Aptha Rakshaka, Banner – Udaya Ravi Films, Producer – Krishna Prajwal, Story, Screenplay, direction – P Vasu, Cinematography – PKH Doss, Music – Gurukiran, Cast – Dr Vishnuvardhana, Srinivasamurthy, Avinash, Lakshmi Gopalaswaly, Vimala Raman, Sandhya, Bhavana, Komalkumar, Ramesh Bhat, Vinayaprakash, Rajesh, Vineeth, Rathnakar, Chetan Rama Rao and others.

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