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Posted date: 7/March/2009

Four long years wait for the hero and heroine to unite! What a waste of time you would say. But time should come for everything says the philosophers. The love in the protagonist remaining in tact is what great about this cinema that has good screenplay but bad comedy. Balaji the younger of V.Ravichandran has shown that he can act and emote well. This is his far better cinema compared to earlier two. Music and cinematography are also tolerable.

This is attempted to attract the family audience and V.Ravichandran’s short presence not add up too much to the film. However this is a significant cinema for Balaji.

Raja (Balaji) in the A to Z Company is living alone in the cluster of houses (Vatara) where Kumari (Kanniha) is living with a small child. She is shown as widow but that is not truth. Raja knows the past of Kumari and he is immensely in love with her. She is the daughter of a Zamindar ( Srinivasamurthy). She is living with the child is having a past history that is interesting if you watch in the cinema.

Meanwhile there is Bubbly (Nikitha) who is really bubbly looking for Raja as life partner. Her father is a big shot and he can get anything for the satisfaction of his daughter. So what? It is some mistaken identity like how it happened in the flash back. At the last whether Raja and Kumari join again? What happened to the child? The zamindar found his daughter in the right place? You get answer to all these questions in the film.

Balaji looks very handsome in song sequences. He has improved a lot in acting. V.Ravichandran sacrifices his life for the good case has that good old charm in tact. Kanniha although looks somewhat old in the close up has performed very well. Nikitha is daring in her role. Ramanithu Chaudhary is wasted. What is comedy? Director can take the lessons.

Three songs are melodious. The opening song for Balaji is good in editing and costumes. Cinematography is also plus point of this film.

This could be watched once by the family members.

Banner – Lakshmisri Combines

Producers – K Manju and C Venkatesh

Screenplay – Ilakyan

Dialogues and Direction – S Govindaraju

Music – V.Harikrishna

Camera – M.Joshi

Cast – Balaji, V.Ravichandran, Kanniha, Nikitha, Ramanithu Chaudhary, Srinivasamurthy, Sunder Raj, Bullet Prakash, Mithra and others.

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