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Posted date: 17/January/2009

‘Shivamani’ from the house of Pai Group that is too good in hotel industry is an action masala treat. Like how the customer gets the sumptuous treat for the money they pay in the hotel similar is the case with this Paisa Vasool entertainer ‘Shivamani’.

The debutant director Amaranath has left a strong mark from his tastefully designed screenplay. As a matter of fact every film is inspired from one or the other today. In such a scenario the evolution of the film, the revolution and solution are treated with fine touch. Srimurali’s action is the mainstay of this film. The crown which he got even before the release of this film is apt.

Maga huttidre Sangolli Rayanna, Magalu Huttidre Kittur Chennamma agbeku….Serve the country to evaporate disgruntled elements = this is the wish of Ramesh Bhat and Vinayaprakash. They are blessed with a male child and unfortunately in the wee hours at a bus station the child crawls somewhere. When the parents wake up in the morning they are shocked as the child is missing. From where you have lost you will find the child there itself but you have to wait say the saint to the unfortunate couple.

Suddenly we see after 22 years. Shiva is surface in Bangalore with his care taker father Subbanna. He has been groomed well to take on any cudgels but that is not wanted by Subbabba. He wants Shiva to control his emotions and anger and press the sacred ‘Mani’ in case of dire consequences. Shiva does so on some occasions but when he is teased to play volleyball his anger erupts like a volcano.

This is not liked by Subbanna when one of the kingpin right hand men is taught a lesson by Shiva. Shiva gives back what he has learnt from Subbanna – ‘Mara Idda Kade Male..Gobbara Idda Kade Bele…Anna hakidha kade Anyaya irabardhu…. It is time for Shiva to take on big goons and Shobaraj gang knowing the past of Shiva becomes shaky.

Finally the expected fall out but before this parents of Shivu are found according to the predictions. Subanna dies in the action drama but before that he says the truth to Ramesh Bhat and Vinaya Prakash that Shiva is their son.

Srimurali has a perfect role for his image. Angry young man has done well. He has less of dialogues and talks with his eyes that are filled with anger and frustration. Sharmila Mandre is a treat to watch. She has the physical and mental ability to play this role with preciseness. The supporting characters are very notable in this film. Shobaraj for the first time doing fun filled villain is convincing. Ramesh Bhat and Vinaya Prakash are perfect as disenchanted couple. Avinash as Subbanna gives a splendid performance.

The song Badathanakke Umbuva Chinthe….by Ambigara Chowdaiah is meaningful and right addition to the present genre - Modha Modhalu….sung by Karthik and Shreya Goshal and Mari Jinkemari…sung by Hemanth and Nanditha are very catchy numbers, Shivamani title song sung by Shanker Mahadevan…is a timely song.

Srivenkat in his camera has given the right mixture of dark and light. The bus stations in the night times he has used the dark light and given the looks as it is shooting in actual locations.

Action feast hitting the screen after the festival of Sankranthi is worth a dekko!

Banner – SJP Creations

Producer – Smt.Shantha Jagannath Pai

Story, screenplay, Direction – SK Amaranath

Music – Veer Samarth

Cinematography – Srivenkat

Cast – Srimurali, Sharmila Mandre, Ramesh Bhat, Avinash, Vinayaprakash, Shobaraj, Kote Prabhakar, Besant Ravi and others.

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