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Title – Geetha Bangle Store, Producer – C Kemparaj, Direction – Manju Mithra, Music – V Manohar, Cinematography – Cine Tech Soori, Cast – Pramod, Sushmitha, Ninasam Ashwath, Mandya Ramesh, Vinayaprakash, Bhavya, Veena Sundar, Achyuth Kumar, Different Danny, Mata Guruprasad, Nallur Prasad and others.

Like in ‘Kenda Sampige’ the powerful performance of two actors in this film – Pramod and Sushmitha have great future ahead. At places Pramod a fire filled actor reminds Dr Vishnuvardhana in ‘Ramachari’ role in ‘Nagara Havu’. Sushmitha is daring and absorbing throughout the film.

Manju Mithra in his debut has overburdened himself in the tragic tale of love story. The film needs scissors for 20 minutes. Otherwise everything is very good. The dialogues are good, songs are well placed, Cine tech Soori is magnificent, V Manohar further lift the quality of the film. It is definitely a paisa vasool cinema.

Accidentally Veerabhadra picks the hand of Geetha and the entire colony is baffled. That is the mobile effect in the market place. The innocent Geetha frightened in the beginning later falls in love. She gets initial reciprocation from Veerabhadra. Later he declines the love for some time. When the family of Geetha is in distress, it is Veerabhadra supports with a new ‘Geetha Bangle Store’ for the mother of Geetha. This match is what Veera father does not life. In a fit of anger Veera takes step of running away from home without telling anyone. He returns and gets back needed affection. What happens when Geetha mother ward her off to a far of place. Geetha Bangle story is a tragic tale or happy ending? You can buy tickets for this film.

Pramod has good potential. He is free in his first film. He has good action to portray. His voice is asset for him. Sushmitha is quite impressive in the debut film. Achyuth Kumar, Bhavya, Vinayaprakash are superb in their roles.


V Manohar music is another trump card of the film. The ‘Halagannada’ is used at places for songs. Cine Tech Soori also gives top angle shots like Sathya Hegde of ‘Kenda Sampige’ in this week release.

This is worth watching for the struggle and involvement of the director Manju Mithra. Producer Kemparaj a graduate in commerce and law has made a good judgment.


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