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There was special guest at the audio release event on Saturday night at Kalavidara Sangha! That is Dr CN Manjunath heart specialist at Jayadeva Foundation releasing audio he said in these days of film making the producer DJ Gowda heart is very ‘Gatti’ he stated.

Whenever specialists come on dais it is a treat to hear. It happened so on Saturday night for RK Naik debut film ‘A2 A2 A ’ audio event. What is film all about – It is about Aadi, Anthya and Aarambha!

In live we should not believe in ‘Leave letter and Love letter’ stated Dr Manjuath for a good laughter in the auditorium.  The epics The Ramayana and The Mahabharatha became popular because of films he opined.

He urged the attendance should be very good in the theatres like how you have come. The reason behind Dr CN Majuanth to be present at the audio event is because Prathap – alias Vishnuvardhana hero of the film is an employee of Jayadeva Hospital.

Dr Manjunath felt very bad for recent titles like Uppinakayi, Khara, Ayogya and others. He said he had seen some of the films 15 times and they were Kannada films. I used to read for MBBS from 12 am to 6 am. He said Prathap has inspiration from Dr Vishnuvardhana films but he is also having determination.

RK Naik director of the film stated that this film is made with films Kasthuri Nivasa, Jogi, Upendra, Bandhana and Huchcha films in mind. You would come out of theatre you have something else as story of the film he promised.

Before the audio release the song on Hukka….Ninna Nanna and a song on Dr Vishnuvardhana were screened. Hitan Haasan has done a good scoring in music.

Roopa Devi veteran actress has quite a different role in this film. It was easy working for this interesting film.

Making debut Pratap alias Vishnuvardhana is convinced with director narration style. The shoot was held in Madikeri, Kolara, Bengaluru and other locations.

The female protagonist Amrutha has two shades in the film. Nandini is second heroine. Producer DJ Gowda is happy for the good story of director RK Naik.

Hitan Haasan explained the four songs composition with some leading voice like Vijayaprakash. The film is at RR stage he mentioned.

Nagesh speaking on this occasion described the determination of the team and 3 actions from Vishnuvardhana have come out well he pointed.

Acclaimed director NR Nanjunde Gowda, Linge Gowda, Pushpa Sulekha, Shivaprasad, Krishna Muralikrishna, Ravi, Venkat, Kumar and others joined for the audio release with film team.

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