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Title – Aake, Producers – Sunanda Murali Manohar, Kalai Soori, Direction – KM Chaitanya, Music – Gurukiran, Cinematography –Ian Haves and Malhar Bhat Joshi, Cast – Sharmila Mandre, Chiranjeevi Sarja, Prakash Belawadi, Achyuth Kumar, Sneha Acharya, Balaji Manohar, Javed Khan, Hafiz Khan, Aman and others.

The first remake of grandson of Rashtrakavi GSS – KM Chaitanya is a technically par excellence cinema that holds major attention in the second half. The speed up of things in the second half one after the other in fact forgets you from a little boring first half. The death trap all characters faces, the compulsions in life for the protagonist Sharmila and the revenge saga of Mayadevi till the last frame keeps you on edge of the seat.

What was much deserved from the remake version of ‘Mayavi’ is the engaging first half. It is a bet one can take on what happens – especially those who have not seen the original Tamil film.

KM Chaitanya has set the standards high in the technical department. The whirring camera movements, sound, special effects, and graphics makes it a Paisa Vasool. This kind of film you should watch it in the multiplex theatres.

What is all about ‘Aake’? The actress in waiting Sharmila with a child cut off her relationship with her husband. She is living with her friend. The grave need of money is what dodging Sharmila. Ugrappa who is supposed to pay the money for Sharmila work is the first one who faces the strictures. This is shocking in a place like London. PK banner making the film uses this opportunity for promotion of next film ‘Adavi’. The challenge to win Rs.5 lakhs is that one should watch the film alone and come out perfectly alright. Sharmila accepts this challenge.

When she starts watching the film the cinema climax also comes up on screen. What happened to Sharmila – how did Mayadevi took the revenge, The ring that goes missing in the custody of PK playing some disturbance, whether Arjun husband of Sharmila joins her etc are questions  cropped up in mind gets the answer.

For a glam doll in Kannada cinema Sharmila Mandre this is her career best. The emotions and commotions handled taken her to different level in acting. Chiranjeevi Sarja has done his best and actor in him blows out in this film. Prakash Belawadi is too good, Sneha Acharya is very convincing.

The background score is another highlight of this movie ‘Aake’. Cinematography by two talented cameramen is delectable.

Aake Neevu Nodbek Yaake – there are very good elements to watch!

4/5 ****

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