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Aatagara kannada film review- 5/5  You would definitely love this film. In social front, entertainment angle, axting wise, screenplay wise, dialigues, music and cinematography are top class. It has shades of Paresh Rawal cinema :december 21, yet with no glorification, how the criminals are taught a lesson by head master of the film Ananthnag is concinvincing. In  this world everyone feels he is  good even after committing crime.

A school principal Anu Prabhakar, deal master Chiranjeevi sarja, fashion photograpoher Balaji Manohar, actress Meghanaraj and Parul Yadav, environmentalist Pawani, a doctor Prakash Belawadi, a chef Sadhu Kokila, assistant cook Arrohita are all having criminal background. There are equal number to the locked ten outside,   

For the reality show ala Big Boss type the show begins. One by one starting from Sadhu Kokila gets killed in mysterious circumstances. The one who is ring master is a judge Ananthnag. When five are living and a secret room is  forcibly opened the secret behind all locked is revealed. How and why they have done is a shame. The humanity and society ills are part of  the crime of all the locked is well adjusted in screenplay.

Ananthnag is brilliant, Chiranjeevi Sarja is  superb, Parul Yada, Pawani, Anu Prabhakar are too good, on lifting the scenes you have Prakash Belawadi, Balaji Manohar, Sadhu Kokila. Ravishanker, Chytra and Dwarakish are apt.

Satya Hegde master at work and Anoop Seelin lovely scores, tribute song for Raj, Vishnu and Shanker Nag are well  timed, Padadi  dialogues are fantastic, KM Chaitanya and team in Dwarakish Chitra have given a beautiful festival treat.

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