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Duration – 145 minutes, Category – Family Drama, Scoring – 4/5

Title – Aayushman Bhava, Producer – Dwarakish and Yogish, Direction – P Vasu, Music – Gurukiran, Cinematography – PKH Doss, Cast – Dr Shivarajakumar, Anant Nag, Rachita Ram, Avinash, Ramesh Bhat, Babu Hirannayya, Anantha Velu, Veena Sunder, Sunder Veena, Ninasam Ashwath, Nidhi Subbayya, Suhasini, Shivaji Prabhu, Sadhu Kokila, Rangayana Raghu, Yash Shetty and others.

The trio combination has given spectacular results from ‘Aayushman Bhava’ – Dr Shiv, Dwarakish and P Vasu combination on the 50th year of Dwarakish film career – 52nd film of Dwarakish Chitra is a fine tribute to all families of the country. A family is like a country theory and the rich or poor correcting the mistake to lead serene life is what director P Vasu has addressed to the masses.

This is absolutely a fine family entertainer. You ask everything of a family – you find it in good quantity. The emotion is the high point of an undivided family. The stinking rich man coming to the ordinary level to for the mistake that has happened from him to a family is the FINEST MESSAGE that is passed in the commercial platform of a family film.

We have Krishna (Dr Shivarjakumar) intruder in the engagement of two families. Before the engagement he wins the hearts of everyone. He becomes darling of grandfather of the house Gopi (Anant Nag). No one can dare to remove his position. Krishna has come to this place to set right the very sad situation of Lakshmi (Rachita Ram). Lakshmi has been kept in an outhouse because of her mental imbalance. Krishna knows that it is only music that can cure Lakshmi. He dares to enter her place despite of strict instructions not to enter that house. He succeeds in changing Lakshmi to a small extent. This gives good mood for the huge family members.

Against Krishna advice the marriage is fixed in the family for Lakshmi and that makes Krishna to elope with Lakshmi. In the far off place Krishna removes the fear in the mind of Lakshmi, he gives the complete musical therapy for her. Makes her normal and like a very good Samaritan he brings her to her home.

So what next - You will know from Ramesh Bhat the background of Krishna. You will be surprised with it. The later part of the film is the sacrifice and a great and why he punished himself for situations arising out of him.

The students of acting and young talents in south India could know from Shivarajakumar acting what is ‘Emotional and balanced acting’. Shivarajakumar at places reminds his father Dr Rajakumar. It is especially when he has jumped in to the sea of emotions. A few awards sure for Dr Shivarajakumar from this film.

Anant Nag is ultimate in his emotions and dialogue delivery. Anant Nag and Shiv are in a competition at places. Rachita Ram can now feel very happy because of bundle of talent coming out from her convincingly. All good Rachita Ramji – nothing bad at all. P Vasu has cast you for the right role.

Lively performance from Ramesh Bhat, Avinash, Rangayana Raghu, Veena Sunder, Sunder Veena, Suhasini, Shivaji Prabhu, fiery role from Yashas Shetty – are good value additions.

Gurukiran has given melodious tunes and it is a fine fitting film to match his 100th film. Three songs especially Thakita Thakita….and one from Vijayaprakash are on top gear.

PHK Doss has given real feast to the eyes from his camera. The top angle shots, the flowing falls in speed, interiors of the house – Doss is Boss in camera you would say.

The locations, costumes, dialogues, art department and graphics are very well selected for the film.

You can go and watch this film with family. In an entertainment film P Vasu has given a well thought out message that is applicable for innumerable affluent people.

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