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Title – ABHIMANYU – Producer – Sri Ram International, Direction – Arjun Sarja, Music – Arjun Janya, Cinematography – HC Venu, Cast – Arjun Sarja, Survin Chawla, Ravi Kaale, Simran Kapoor, Rahul Dev, Biradar, Jahangir, Vinayaprasad, Satish and others.

Arjun Sarja in his maiden direction in Kannada has taken the impossible task of equality in education. He has given cinematic touch to the main focus that is interesting in second half. Heading the megaphone and producing the film ‘Abhimanyu’ – he is not like the Mahabharatha Abhimanyu. He fights and come out with flying solution. That is impossible in reality. The system of education is what he touches and comes near to the solution. Nationalisation of private school ala nasalisation of banks in the past is the attention of this film.

It is the education mafia that attacks Abhimanyu from all rounds. The way in which narration is made is pretty good. As a director he gives an entertainer with a social message. In action Arjun proves that he is too good.

The narration from the view point of four persons is well derived. A villain like Sonu Sood becomes ‘Utthama Villain’ in support of the cause of Abhimanyuy.

In the four flash backs he opens up the story and screenplay is tiresome in the first half. But second half is too good to watch for the young generation.

When the education for a middle class girl child is deceived in a private school – the child, parents commit suicide. This is what severely upsets Abhimanyu. As a common man he addresses the nation. He urge the media and youths to decide on equality of education. Private school naturalisation finds some good response from youths. As expected the education mafia gang give tough time. At this time the plan of Abhimanyu is good but an uphill task. The story moves to London where a group of students are kidnapped – all of them belong to big educational institutions heads children. It is the action at this place chilling for the fans of Arjun.

He has a lady love Survin Chawla who wishes to marry him in the prison. There is another lady love Simran Kapoor in the captivating action portion in second half. She decides to be friend of Abhimanyu.

Jai Ho for Arjun Sarja and Jai Hind 2 is his Telugu and Tamil versions. The action portion is marvellous. He gives justification to it. Abhimanyu runs a Karate school for his profession. Survin Chawla is appealing, Simran Kapoor is mod and outgoing.

The characters selection is splendid. The cinematography of HC Venu is on top. His top angle shots are worth a watch. The use of technology to track offenders in the London portion is appealing.

Arjun Janya gives one melody and one group song. This s a film you can watch and think what best we can do to the society and system.

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