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It is ABCD in morals but XYZ in emotions. That is the height director R Chandru takes in ‘Charminar’. When everyone is under the impression that he has three pillars right in the life of protagonist, suddenly he brings justice by taking the audience to the broken life female protagonist.

Director R Chandru in his maiden home production ‘Charminar’ has given a mediocre first half. The journey of Mohana to USA as CEO hailing from village is quite impressive. At places it gives a room to ‘My Autograph’ of Cheran. But keeping only one heroine director Chandru is ‘Bachav’. For the youths ‘Preethi Mukyana Guri’ Mukyana is a message. The latter is more important than love!

Charminar releasing all over Karnataka with lot of expectations remains partially correct as second half is very appealing. The Alumni scene director creates is very touching and makes everyone who has gone to the school to watch it without miss.

In the glitz and glamour filled entertainment industry there is no short fall in the form of engaging scenes and melodious tunes. The comedy portions were required more and in utilizing the slang of the village, placing of songs, cinematography, acting department R Chandru has come out well. The film is lengthy in the first half as nothing much is found to keep in memory.

Mohana (Prem) returning to India on the invitation of his childhood friends in the village for a meet of old students makes him to collect his memory. It is a journey of love, sacrifice, care, respect, transformation etc we find in this journey of ‘Charminar’.

The only intention of Radha (Meghana Gaonkar) is to keep up the prestige of her mother. She knows only mother love and nothing else. On the other hand the realization comes for Mohana when the principal of the PU College talks to Radha on what is love.

At this moment Mohan takes the right decision concentrating in studies. He gets good marks and finds engineering seat for further studies. Quite a brilliant girl Radha also evinces interest in further studies but a brutal accident changes her destiny.

As CEO of software Mohan wants to see Radha at the Alumni function but it does not become possible. He goes straight to the house of Radha to find her in pitiable condition.  Like how ‘Annavru’ takes a decision in ‘Guri’ Kannada cinema our hero takes a firm decision and saves the isolated life of Radha.

It is a good role for Prem – lovely star. He is lovely at many places. The speech he gives at Alumni addressing ‘Teachers’ takes your handkerchief. There is real truth in his speech. The affection Mohana attaches to Radhe reminds that of ‘Pallakki’ cinema. In ‘Pallakki’ it was ‘Chappa’ he admires but in ‘Charminar’ it is a stone on which he takes revenge. How come in the days of fast food, fast culture and daringness in youths the ‘Love’ is not expressed?

Meghana Gaonkar has also understood the role very well. Her skin color and physique does not permit her in poverty filled roles. However Meghana is not ‘Raw’dhe!

The song Raadhe Raadhe, Cyndrella…cyndrella…. Olavina jothe Saagide Yee Payana….Nan Edeya Gode Mele nee Barede Ole….Kanna Neeru Jaro Munna…are passable songs.

The splendid work has come from Chandrasekhar too. The scenes could have been told in dialogues. The grandeur for the film is absorbing.

It is working a dekko once!

CHARMINAR – Banner – Sri Siddeshwara Films, Producer – R Chandru, Direction – R Chandru, Music – Hari, Camera – KS Chandrasekhar, Cast – Prem, Meghana Gaonkar, Rangayana Raghu, BV Radha, Kumudha, Suresh Mangalore, RG Vijayasarathy, Gowrish Akki and others.

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