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Title – Doddmane Hudga, Producer – M Govindu, Direction – Soori, Music – V Harikrishna, Cinematography – Sathya Hegde, Cast – Puneeth Rajakumar, Dr Ambarish, Radhika Pandit, Sumalatha, Dr Bharathi Vishnuvardhana, Avinash, Srinivasamurthy, Madarangi Krishna, Ravishanker, Rangayana Raghu, Uday, Chikkanna and others.

Director of high reputation was telling on his ‘Dodmane Hudga’ that he has made a film for the fans. He has remained so with captivating action, interesting situations, lovely scorings, mind blowing cinematography plus above all a strong battalion of actors. The biggest one from humble producer M Govindu is lavish and extravagant in action.

‘Dodmane Hudga’ like the title is very big in canvas and action. There are nine action situations. The grand man of Kannada cinema Dr Ambarish looks very tired and close up shots are indication. Power star Puneeth Rajakumar is no doubt the power station and charming beauty Radhika Pandit steals the show in the given space. The song Abhimanigale Nammane Devru….is most delectable and next is the Hubbballi accent song. The struggle of Sathya Hegde one can understand from bizarre of action itself.

WHO IS DODMANE HUDGA – obviously it is Surya, power star Puneeth Rajakumar. He is beaten and bruised in the childhood by his father. As a young boy calling his father Rajivappa (this is name of Dr Raj in Bangarada Manushya) as Vajramuni run away. He grows up under the shadow of Srinivasamurthy and owns a road side Biryani shop in Hubballi. He is a man of steal and heart of gold. He can beat anyone at any given situation. To save his father in Hubballi he comes to save the father Rajivappa in prison. Four are looking for taking revenge on Rajivappa and Surya is there to outshine everyone. Father is villain to son – so Rajivappa is called as Vajramuni by his son Surya. Rajivappa in precarious situation opens his eye when Surya calls him as Appa.

Surya saving his father in the prison comes out from prison later. He is advised to go to his original place to save the prestige of ‘Dodmane’. Surya takes on the big trouble shooter Cable Babu (Ravishanker), it is a series of encounters that Surya wins successfully. He has a lady love Nisha who is Usha in Hubballi. The love carries over wherever Surya travel.

Nisha come for drama practice in Hubballi is saved by Surya. She immensely likes him for his nature and caring. She is the daughter of famous criminal lawyer Subbu supporting Cable Babu in all his errors.

WHAT HAPPENED IN DODMANE – Rajivappa has promised his brother that he would look after his son like his son. His sister in the house (Dr Bharathi Vishnuvradhana) is mentally sick after losing her husband. Rajivappa wife Sumalatha is waiting for Surya to return one day.

From childhood Rajivappa has beaten his son – for mistakes of Krishna, Surya used to take the beating. When the two boys are underwater in the ambassador car Rajivappa saves his brother son first. The reason for Rajivappa is also because he is always ‘Kodugai Dhaani’. In his village he is treated like a God. For such an immaculate person it is Cable Babu and gang supported by criminal lawyer Subbu (Avinash) bring bad name. Krishna changes over to Cable Babu team like how we see in ‘Dewaar’ Hindi cinema.

Rajivappa is sentenced to imprisonment because he has taken possession of land of his people. The trick here is played by Cable Babu. The villagers turn against Rajivappa – that is what Cable Babu wanted to happen. He is not aware that there is another son for Rajivappa.

Cable Babu set a target to finish off the entire family of Rajivappa. In the battle Rajivappa is pierced strongly. Now it is fight to finish cable Babu for Surya.


Action, songs and gripping situations come in a series. They are grand and opulent. The team of Dhuniya Soori makes the film Paisa Vasool for these qualities.

There is a speed for this 136 minutes and 58 seconds film. The gritty thing is seen in developing a few good characters.

The choreography, action, editing, costumes, production values are very grand and glorious. There is no reason for Appu fans to miss this film.

This is Duniya Soori, Dodmane Hudga, carried out well by Puneeth and his team of actors.

Score – 4/5 ****

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