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Posted date: 21/March/2009

A thin and lanky Madhakari gets down from the towering height with Circulating Sudarshana chakra with a handle fight immensely! The Accountant General of India will lose the count of pile of dead bodies in this fight. The severe fight and rain follows later! Madhakari is holding is head with pain (audience too in the theatre) badly beaten in the stomach; what went wrong people don’t know in the theatre! A small drop comes from the sky and falls on his cheek. Immediately Madhakari gets up with refill of courage in him. He severely fights again – Sudeepji in what century you are? This is obviously asked in the full length ‘Maramari’.

Nayaka hodedhre chindi mikka yare hodedru Bundhi for the Nayaka! Ah what a thought continues on silver screen. Kudos to the hero and director Sudeep for such demolishing thoughts!

Like the every remake falling flat because the concept is not new to Kannada cinema this one also tests the patience, attacks the nerves make you hold your head from the rush of episodes that are very tough to bear for the average brain.
The script of this film is inspired from Amitabh Bachchan ‘Don’ where ordinary ruffian replaces a tough cop for the Telugu film maker ‘Vikramarkudu’. The same rotten food continues in Kannada!

The tough cop takes training in the police department is OK. But how did he get such courage and strength in his arms? Is he a Karate master, Kung Fu expert, WWE or WWF master?

Merciless killings, a few better songs, the lovely lass Ragini, the cruelty of villain gang headed by Baabji, the sweet looking Jarusha Christopher comes before your eyes as contents of this usual run of the mill film.

Sudeep has gone very thin. This is of course the job of heroine Mr Sudeep. OK. You are good in looks, quick reactions, action scenes, dance (look like Telugu actor in dance) but what about the content that is lengthy and nothing new to the audience?

‘Yee Shathamanadha Veera Madhakari’ does not fear for anything. ‘Saavu Bandhaga Mukadha Mele Nagu, Meese Mele Kai Irabeku’ – this is the message for every policeman. Baya Illadhonu Balodhu Kashta anthanu helthira! Baya Enidhru police uniform mele – this is also super dialogue. Four years service 10 transfers and no compromise is pretty good. Neevu Sonta Gillodhu is peppy! Why so much of senseless action?

Quite impressive songs and Ragini is the heroine of tomorrow. Dialogues are punchy, the cinematography is splendid. The toughness shown in the film is also hard nut to crack!

From My Autograph to No 73 Shanthi Nivasa we have seen different Sudeep. We did not expect this kind of film from you.


 Banner – SS Combines

Producer – Dinesh Gandhi

Screenplay, Direction – Sudeep

Music – MM Keervani

Cinematography – Srivenkat

Cast – Sudeep (double role), Ragini, Tennis Krishna, Doddanna, Dinesh Gandhi, Devaraj (guest role) baby Jarusha and others.


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