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Title – ACTOR, Producer – KM Veeresh, Direction – Dayal Padmanabhan, Music – Gowtham Srivatsav, Cinematography – Suresh Byrasandra, Cast – Naveen Krishna and Sihikahi Geetha.

‘All people are half actors’ – For some acting is a matter of calculated instinct. It is also the expression of neurotic impulse. There is another saying from American film star ‘Acting is not an important job in the scheme of things. Plumbing is’.

There are many such innumerable statements made on ‘Acting and Actors’. In this case of Kannada film ‘Actor’ it is trials and tribulations of an actor. The psychology of an actor is effectively dealt. This may remind the 80’s ‘Shivaranjini’ Telugu film – the ups and downs or ‘Ranganayaki’ to some extent. Nevertheless, it is Naveen Krishna who carries the entire film on his shoulder. For those who analyze his career in cinema it is a small autobiography. A terrific actor indeed, ‘Thandege Thakka Maga’ has given emotions very well. Dayal Padmanabhan could have added ‘Navarasas of acting’ with some more insight into the subject. As a matter of fact there are six super hit films in the life of actor Sanjay. Picking brilliantly the ‘Navarasas’ would have added more commercial strength to this film.

Of course the greatest satisfaction of an actor is to be ‘needed’. Just three flops behind Sanjay makes him depressed in life. He is ‘Ekangi’ in his posh house. The terrific insult he faces from the different walks of field is the main trauma he faces and that also leads to the point of suicide. Sanjay has an intruder at the stage of saying good bye. That is ‘Gitamma’ right entry in his life.

The best part of ‘Actor’ is when Gitamma enters the house of Sanjay – a maidservant is made for the occasion. She is too clever in observing things. The ring tone in her mobile ‘Baluvantha Hoove Bado aase eke….(picked from Dr Rajakumar, Geetha, Madhavi starring ‘Akasmika’) says many things to say. How on three occasions this particular song changed the life of ‘Gitamma’ is also a good encouragement for depressed Sanjay.

Look at this diligent director Dayal Padmanabhan. To finish the film he comes on line and asks for call sheet of Sanjay for an offbeat film.

Naveen Krishna should get an award at the national level for his effortless acting. In the dialogue department also he steals the show with very meaningful statements.

The conceiving of this type of subject by Dayal Padmanabhan should get applaud from the family audience. This is a must for the entire film fraternity. The case handled in this film is not only for actors but also for technicians as well.

The placement of two songs, the background score of Gowtham Srivatsa is extremely good. Suresh Byrasandra camera work is par excellence.

The grand house the showcase the position of super hit actor Sanjay is a good selection. This kind of films should come in Kannada quite often.

Kudos to the entire team of ‘Actor’!. You would be a benefactor if you watch this film.

Score – 4/5

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