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The much expected film of famous dialogue writer turned director Yoganand Muddan for first time producers of People Media Factory Vishwaprasad TG and Vivek Kuchibothla as co producer is all set for release in the coming month – August is said to be a feast of good and big budget film month.

The film AA is placed before the censor and the first official trailer of one minute and five seconds was released at Chamundesware Studio in the presence of Smit Vijaya of the production team.

Director Yoganand Muddan declared that anyone can direct Sharan and he is like water. He adjust to everyone so beautifully. Yoganand Muddan is keeping high hopes on this film.

Sharan waited for months on this teaser. The place Chamundesware studio is very special and nostalgic for him. For his first film Prema Prema Prema he dubbed at this studio and Ayogya audio release he was here in the last year. This is lucky place and the luck would roll to Adhyaksha in America he hoped. For a question on the connectivity to his previous film ‘Adhyaksha’ Sharan said it has no connection. This film starts off from my marriage. The husband and wife situations are very good and all couple would love this film he pointed. Releasing in the month of August is very important. Adhyaksha my successful film also got released in the same month mentioned Sharan.

Ragini Dwivedi arrived late to the teaser release event. On her arrival the teaser was screened for the third time. I have tried comedy for the first time. I had lot of fun and good time working for this film she stated.

Veteran producer Shailendra Babu is releasing the film and he is very happy with rich production values. The original film was also successful and he hopes to release the film in 250 theatres with Aithal brothers making arrangement for theatres. When Aithal connection is there it is sure to get good support for release observed Shailendra Babu.

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