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Duration – 120 minutes, Category – Thriller, Rating – 4/5 ****

Title – Alidu Ulidavaru, Producer – Ashu Bedra Ventures, Direction – Aravind Shastry, Music – Midun Mukundan, Cinematography – Abhishek Kasargod, Aravind Kashyap and Abhin Rajesh, Cast – Ashu Bedra, Sangeetha Bhat, Atul Kulkarni, Pawan Kumar, Shilam, Dharmanna, Dinesh Mangaluru, Aravind Rao, Ashok Rao, Nagendra Sha, B Suresha and others.

Ashu Beda Ventures has caught hold of a mass subject this time and come out in flying colors with topics like Devru, Devva, science, Medicine, belief, superstitious belief etc. Aravind Shastri from ‘Kahi’ to this film has grown tremendously – to explain his intelligence – the mixing of a cop investigation and Sheelam at the spot of tragedy is a good pattern of narration. Bringing in the LSD theory for the film was inevitable to prove finally that there is no ghost.

Ashu Bedra heading the star cast is very convincing and his dialogue delivery is a treat. He looks handsome and never leaves an opinion that he is acting. He is cool and composed.

Sheelam is very popular because of his 99 episodes “Karana” aired in TV 5 satellite channel. The TRP of his program is highest and he is wanted by others at any cost. What is Sheelam is up to? He wants to put an end to his ‘Karana’ after 100 and settle down in life with Amrutha (Sangeetha Bhat).

So at the launch of his book ‘Kaarana’ is reading out his 100 episode ‘Brahma Rakshasa’ and is all set to visit the location where it is situated. A surprise comes at this point from Mahesha (Pawan Kumar). He considers all the ghost episodes of Sheelam is bogus. He throws him a challenge to prove that there is no ghost in the house he shows.

Destination next for Sheelam is the house that is ghost affected. This is his 100th episode and final one for Sheelam. Now he has to enter the house. He dares to enter the house. A few dashing developments declare that Sheelam is dead.

Post interval is something startling in contents. How Sheelam is declared dead, what happens to Mahesha, the LSD theory all come with a surprise package for the audience.

 Ashu Bedra has fine future ahead in his cinema career. Instead of spending on other heroes he can spend on roles meant for him. Sangeetha Bhat is impressive, Nagendra Sha, B Suresha, Dharmanna, Dinesh Mangaluru given admirable support.

The music from Midun Mukundan scores well for background work. Three cinematographers have done their best in lifting the film to good level.

This is a worth watching cinema ‘Alidu Ulidavaru’.

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