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Posted date: 31/January/2009

According to the famous theatre personality Master Hirannaiah the female should be watched from ‘Adiyindha Mudivarage’. Rings in the leg fingers are not found he should continue to see further. That is because when they find leg finger rings it is presumed in our culture that she is married. Wearing finger ring has also become fashion now!

Our hero in ‘Ambari’ is impressed with the legs because he is a cobbler and the slippers do not suit the heroine - that is the root cause for him to slip down in life.

It is a long cycle ride by a cobbler who is efficient in putting the puncture to his cycle tube too. But he is not aware that the cinema in the second half is punctured for lack of logic and good treatment. The first half is hopeful and natural. Like all other debutant directors Arjun has the grave default as he cycles a lot in the second half and making the film another ‘Amrutha Dhaare’.

In Amrutha Dhaare of Dhyan and Ramya it is Ramya who dies in front of the Taj Mahal in Agra but in Ambari the hero Yogish dies in front of the Taj Mahal leaving his lover gasping. That does not mean Ambari is a remake of Amrutha Dhaare but there is similarity.

Debutant Arjun is fit for making television serials. He sets an example in the first half and slowly melts down the feel he has left behind.

One thing the Kannada film makers should realize that they don’t have any business to treat wrongly the popular songs of our culture and tradition. The song of Ele Kenchi Thaare…has been made very glossy and the essence of it is missing.

Dhanu (Yogish – his name is Dhanu is because he is accepting Tamil actor Dhanush films) is a cobbler. He is bowled over after having a look at the neatly chiseled legs of Saraswathi (Supritha). Dhanu knows his limits. Saraswathi crosses her limits. Dhanu says he lives in ‘Kharapudi Anna’ in his daily life whereas she is leading affluent life. You are the first and last person in my life says Saraswathi. Back home Dhanu father a Shakespeare follower gives impetus to his love. Dhanu goes ahead with his love and he had to leave in his cycle with Saraswathi from Bangalore to Agra.

The love has the strength of taking anyone to anywhere. Without informing Saraswathi the hard core lover Dhanu in front of the Taj Mahal gives surprise but what happens to Saraswathi…..

The thin lad Yogish has to put up some muscles. Because when he fights his goons it is difficult to digest. Otherwise the director has to show him as a Karatate or Kungfu expert to bring in justification. Like in most of the films Arjun also fails in bringing logic to this film.

Yogish is fluent and cool in dialogue delivery. When he fights one cannot feel satisfied. Supritha is a good find. She is sweet, simple and effective in her role. Petrol Prasanna role is tortuous. Other artists do not find any mention.

The two songs in Ambarish are quite impressive but not the Ele Kenchi Thaare…….Photography by Satya Hegde is the pleasant treat to the eyes.

‘Ambari’ first half is super Ree…second half is Ambo Ree…..

Lambodara Creations

Producers – Lakxmikanth and Suresh

Story, screenplay, dialogues, lyrics and direction – AP Arjun

Music – V Harikrishna

Cinematography – Satya Hegde

Cast – Yogish, Supritha, Rangayana Raghu, Petrol Prasanna and others

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