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The 51st film of Dwarakish Chitra in support of a few others ‘Amma I Love You’ a remake of Tamil film ‘Pichchakkaran’ audio CD was released on Monday night in the presence of Dwarakish, Dr Shivarajakumar, Upendra, Puneeth Rajakumar, Dhruva Sarja, V Manohar, Sadhu Kokila, Priyanka Upendra and team members of the film headed by KM Chaitanya.

It was the launch of new audio house – DGK evolved by Dwarakish-Gurukiran joint effort. The logo of DGK was released by Dr Shivarajakumar. It was dream of 2004 – at the time of ‘Aptha Mithra’ Gurukiran in combination wanted to start audio house. It is happening 14 years later remembers Yogish the pinch hitter of this film.

Firstly the songs are top class. The ‘Amma song by Sunil Kashyap for Nagendra Prasad lyrics and Yeththuthaaro …sung by Chintan Vikas son of Mysuru Janni for Ghouse Peer lyrics is having support of another voice Siddarth Belmannu – are extremely good. The one who is going to rock from his high pitch song is Chintan Vikas.

Super stars present released one song each. Tarun Sudhir Kishor has done the lyrical video for Amma…song that has the famous personalities of the country with mother in the photographs.

Dwarakish Chitra means my home company. I would act in their banner in the next year. This company takes care of the film so well and never cheat the film on its requirement lauded Shivanna.

Director of the film KM Chaitanya recalled the combinations worked out in this film. Gurukiran is like a real Guru. He shows involvement in everything patted Chaitanya.

Dhruva Sarja was happy for the voice over he has done for his brother Chiranjeevi Sarja film. Shaswatha in life is Amma and Appa mentioned Puneeth Rajakumar. All mothers should watch this film he felt.

V Manohar releasing fourth song Yethththaro….said in cinema there is ‘Ma’. Audience should love this film he said. Producer K Manju as guest on stage remembered two emotional films Halunda Thavaru ad this one on mother would click he said.

Actress Nishwika felt happy for the love and affection shown. Chiranjeevi Sarja hero of the film mentioned that he wanted to dedicate the film to his mother at the beginning. Now he has decided to dedicate this to all the mothers of this universe.

The sound of clap keeps us alive; in the last 55 years I am hearing it stated Dwarakish. HR Bhargava thanking Dwarakish for giving break in two films as assistant to taken up independent direction it helped he mentioned. As independent director I was to director extremely popular Dr Rajakumar who was already 166 films in his career added Bhargava.

It was a joyous party at Radisson Blue. Financier Subramaniam, Mumbai based friend of Yogish, Meghana Raj, Meghana Gaonkar, Vasishta N Simha and scores of others jointed the party.

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