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Duration – 131 minutes, Category – Love Story, Rating – 3.5/5

Title – Andavada, Producer – DR Madhu G Raj, Direction – Chala, Music – Vikram Verman, Cinematography – Harish N Sondekoppa, Cast – Jai, Anusha Ranganath, Harish Roy, KS Sridhar, KV Manjayya, Rekha Sagar, Roja and others.

This is a poignant love story backed by excellent cinematography from Harish Sondekoppa, with good looking actors Anusha Ranganath and Jai. No doubt the film is ‘Chala’ Na Chitra! Director Chala has taken more time to get a moderate film. The first half needed some sprucing up with engaging elements. The music part of this film is another redeeming feature.

The curse for Ammu (Anusha Ranganath) after birth is that anyone touches her, there is danger. She loses her mother after birth further complicates. In school Ammu alias Artha in the later days is discarded but it is Mohana (Jai) becomes curious and only friend.

Suddenly Ammu is no around for 10 years and Mohan frantic efforts finally pays good results. The curse Mohan remembers but he decide to touch Ammu by offering a kiss. Mohan goes sick with high fever but he continues his friendship with this ‘Pestri’ loving Ammu. At this one would get to mind ‘Ammas Pestri’ but we have Ammu on silver screen very fond of ‘Pestries’.

Ammu alias Artha at this point of meeting her friend again describes that she is alien and NASA would take her away. This is what something beyond one’s imagination. There is reason for Ammu telling like this. The honest lover of Ammu – Mohan decide to know the past from Guruji (KS Sridhar) who is care taker.

We are told a few startling development in the life of Ammu. That makes Mohan to fulfill the wish of Ammu. What is it; you have to watch it on silver screen.

The best performance has come from Anusha Ranganath. She steals the show from her smile and looks, she is no where less compared to her popular sister Ashika Ranganath.

Jai as protagonist in this film playing Mohana role has a good debut. He looks good; his simple attitude is highpoint of this film. KS Sridhar has given composed performance. Harish Roy as Mohana father running cake parlor is having a good change in the role.

The music part of this film is pretty good because of lyrics from Jayanth Kaikini, Yogaraj Bhat and Hrudaya Shiva. Vikram Verman has good future; the first hero of this film is cameraman Harish Sondekoppa. He has given tremendous shots that keep your eyes wide open to watch.

This is a film that does not harm in anyway – so cool like winter breeze. You can easily watch this film.

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