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From day one there is steep hike in audience attendance for this well made Kannada film ‘Andavada’ starring Jai and Anusha Ranganath in Chala direction.

Chala agrees that people are coming to theatre after watching reviews. Apparently the maker of ‘96’ Tamil cinema Nandakumar has come forward to remake this film in Tamil. This film ‘Andavada’ and ‘96’ were shooting at Andaman. Due to problems from mediator both the film faced problems. Tamil film came out of it quickly but Kannada film makers of ‘Andavada’ faced legal clash for eight months.

Cameraman Harish Sandekoppa was extremely happy for the recognition he got for his work, Anusha Ranganath who had given scintillating performance thanked media for honest reviews. The media is the main backbone she mentioned.

Jai recalling the making, difficulty and the contents of the film said ‘Artha’ character has many meaning in the film. The curiosity builds up is very carefully handled. Had it been any other star like Golden star Ganesh this film would have been a blockbuster he felt. The film locked for eight months because of usage of ‘Drone’ camera was tough to handle he recalled.

Veteran actor KS Sridhar had pertinent point to make at this ‘Anadavada’ success meet. As the advancement of technology is supporting to reach the masses in this entertainment media the outcome of it is not good to the theatres. When there was not much for publicity films, it made silver jubilee hits. Today we have many networks for publicity yet we are lagging behind he felt. It is time to make introspection stated KS Sridhar who has acted in over 80 films especially after ‘Sidlingu’ success.

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