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Title – Anuktha, Producer – Harish Bangera, Direction – Ashwath Samuel, Music – Nobin Paul, Cinematography – Manohar Joshi, Cast – Sampath Raj, KS Sridhar, Karthik Attavar, Sangeetha Bhat, Anu Prabhakar Mukerjee, Usha Bhandari, Lakshmi Siddaiah and others.

Another thrilling subject on Kannada screen that is extremely good in the second half. Kudos to producer Harish Bangera and to the skill of director Ashwath Samuel!

The protracted first half gets a thrilling finish and exhilarating screenplay in the second half is powerful indeed. The film has lovely background score, two melodies, lively performance from lead actors and Manohar Joshi steals the show in his cinematography.

On deputation Karthik (Karthik Attavara) is on duty but takes a small gap to bring his wife Tanvi (Sangeetha Bhat) to comfort zone. She is down with depression of some ghostly happenings around the house.

In a huge forest backdrop village Dharmanna is kingpin. He is highly respected. He has a few bungalows but the one important in his life; he wants to sell it off. This is what attracts couple Karthik and Tanvi.

As Karthik moves ahead with Bhasker Rao murder case, he knows that the untold truth of 25 years is very important to unravel. That is because his life is connected to it. As he shifts his concentration, Karthik gets a notice to report to commissioner for another assignment. He understands the importance of the case and goes deep into it contacting the criminal lawyer. The mystery of Anupama Bhat murder in 1992 is now at the center stage. In fact Anupama Bhat is none other than Karthik mother.

It is not precise to tell more about suspense and thrill oriented film. It is better you watch the film tolerating the first half.

In acting it is a contest between Sampath Raj and KS Sridhar. Karthik making debut is quite impressive, Sangeetha Bhat has a good role and that makes one to think why this actress kept away from films. Lakshmi Siddaiah, Usha Bhandari and Bhasker Rao character have added great support. It is a sweet touch and go role for Anu Prabhakar Mukherjee.

Nobin Paul wins in his music – two are haunting songs and background score is apt. the top aerial shots, close and mid shots of Maohar Joshi are impeccable. Editor Vishwa is too good in second half.

This is a film you cannot miss.


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